Create a Zen Bathroom 10 Wooden Bath Mats Apartment Therapy

Create a Zen Bathroom 10 Wooden Bath Mats Apartment Therapy

Create a Zen Bathroom: 10 Wooden Bath Mats

While it’s true a wooden bath mat won’t give you that same plush feeling underfoot like a softer textile one, some fans of the wooden bath mat claim it’s easier to keep clean. And because of its warm, woodsy material, these sorts of bath mats are perfect for those looking to add a little zen into their bathroom.

Adrienne Breaux


The rounded corners are a good idea. I tried a wood mat in my small bathroom, but kept catching my bare heel on the sharp corner. Ouch! I got grout mould under the feet of the mat, too. While Imlove the look of a wooden mat, and the sanitary properties, in practice I prefer a plush rug that can be washed frequently.

This couldn’t have come at a better time! So, we have a crazy shower floor, and I was thinking about using a teak mat to provide a more pleasant surface for our bare feet. Has anyone ever done this? Are there significant pitfalls? Do we need to worry about mold/mildew under the mat?

I’m waiting for someone to suggest using a pallet.

I bought one a while ago because of the look, but I stopped using them because I find getting water through it quite messy — I find myself putting it on top of a cotton bathmat or putting it somewhere dry.

I haven’t used a bath mat in many years, and haven’t missed it. I wrap my hair in a towel and pat myself dry with a bath cloth before putting on socks as I step from the tub. I have only the floor to clean. My husband keeps a terry bath mat in his bath for comfort, which is reasonable considering it’s just another towel in the wash load. A wooden bath mat would create unnecessary housework. Hair, dust, and lint trapped by it would be tedious to remove.

I feel like I should just buy some of these instead of using deck tiles for my small balcony space.

My husband hates these but I love them because of how sleek they look. Thanks for this article! Proves how right I am :)

I love the round one but never in my life would I pay $130 for a bath mat. Ridiculous. I have a wood, I think it’s bamboo, mat from World Market that cost $25. It’s beautiful, sleek and cheap!

Hmmm. Isn’t the purpose of a bathmat to dry your tosies and keep water off the floor? The first pic shows it dripping on the floor. This doesn’t seem very functional to me, but maybe there’s something I’m missing.

Love it! Really HATE bathmats- so hard to keep clean! Just ordered one of these, thanks!

Create a Zen Bathroom 10 Wooden Bath Mats Apartment Therapy

I would use this as a doormat before a shower mat. A bathmat isn’t hard to clean, just toss in the washer. And thinking about potential splinters freaks me out!

this just doesn’t look comfortable to me at all. I use a white bathmat and wash it weekly. Simple.

I’ve had both wooden and regular bath mats. They’re both relatively easy to clean. One gets tossed in the wash, the other gets a quick weekly scrub with a hard bristle brush and a little soap.

I love my teak bathmat — didn’t know I would like it as much. It is super easy to keep clean and dog hair doesn’t stick to it. It looks good too!

Of course, the one I love is also the most expensive. Shesh!

meh. Could probably create a look similar to any of these using cork for a lot less. And a bit more sanitary.

I’m in agreement with @babyb — doesn’t the water get all over the floor? I love the look of them but I question the practicality. Do they make some like dish draining racks — with a tray underneath to catch the water? Or will I need to wipe the floor each time the shower is used?

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