Cork Flooring

Cork Flooring

Wildly popular, cork flooring is also eco friendly. We explain everything you need to know including price, installation, how it’s made, and more

Cork Flooring: Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Cork flooring is probably the most popular of all the eco friendly flooring options on the market right now. Not only is it made from an extremely renewable resource, it’s also comfortable and durable. Cork has the added benefit of being anti-allergenic and is resistant to insects, which makes it both healthy and safe for the occupants of a home.

Cork Flooring Has Wide Ranging Colors

What Makes Cork Flooring Eco Friendly

To understand why cork is one of the most eco friendly options available, you really have to understand where cork comes from and how it’s harvested. There’s actually a cork oak tree that’s grown in the Mediterranean.

The bark from these trees is harvested about once a decade and is used to make wine bottle corks. It’s eco friendly because the harvesting process doesn’t harm the tree a

Even more eco friendly is the fact that cork flooring is made from what’s left over after the the wine industry is done with it. The leftover pieces are ground and then processed into sheets that are baked in a kiln.

Cork Flooring

Benefits of Cork Flooring:

One of the most obvious benefits of cork is that it’s made from renewable materials and it’s extremely eco friendly. There are a number of other benefits as well, which are outlined below.

Cork provides a natural sound barrier which makes it a great option for the upstairs area of a home or in a multi-family living situation.

It’s extremely comfortable to walk on. Cork has shock absorbing properties that make it easy and comfortable for standing and walking. Because it’s soft, it’s a wonderful choice for anyone with children as well.

Cork is also considered to be extremely durable and is easy to care for. A finish is applied to the flooring before you purchase it and care is as simple as sweeping or vacuuming on a regular basis.

Mopping cork floors is not allowed, however there are cleaners available to help take care of stains or heavily soiled areas.

It’s extremely attractive. Cork actually comes in a wide variety of shades. The final color of the flooring depends largely on how long it’s baked, but there are definitely options to please just about anyone.

The Beauty of Cork Flooring

What’s Does Cork Flooring Cost?

If you are like most people, the cost of the flooring is extremely important in your buying decision. The good news is that cork is quite reasonable. The cost of the materials alone can run anywhere between $3.50 & $6.50 a square foot.

The total cost of the materials depends largely on the plank type and the finish.

Installation can double the cost of the flooring. That said, most cork flooring is a floating type floor and can easily be installed by homeowners who have basic do-it-yourself knowledge. In most cases, the entire installation can be completed in a weekend.

Cork Flooring

Shower Cork Flooring

Caring for Cork Flooring:

Once you’ve bought and installed your new floors, caring for them in quite simple. However, you’ll want to make sure that you follow a few simple steps to keep your floors looking good.

Wipe spills immediately. The flooring will absorb liquid, so it’s important to take care of spills as soon as you can.

Clean often using a broom or a vacuum cleaner. Yes, cork is a fairly durable material, but you want to make sure to sweep up debris often as it can scratch the finish.

Never mop the floor with water. If you have a stain, there are special cleaners on the market that you should use on your floor.

After years of use, your finish may need some attention. In the event that the finish of your flooring fades, you’ll want to contact a refinishing specialist to assist you.

In closing, cork flooring is eco friendly, attractive, durable, and extremely comfortable to walk on. Add to that the fairly reasonable cost of this green option and it’s no wonder that cork is so popular!

If you’re looking for eco friendly and like the look of wood but want something different, this is probably the perfect option for you.

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