Cork Bathroom Flooring Ideal Floor Cover Home Improvement Advice

Cork Bathroom Flooring Ideal Floor Cover Home Improvement Advice

Cork Bathroom Flooring: Ideal Floor Cover

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 — Flooring

Cool Cork Bathroom Flooring Photograph by Lucinda Symons

If people want to have unique style for their bathroom, they need to think about having cork bathroom flooring which will present unique wood flooring. It’s a great choice of flooring at affordable price. The cork bathroom flooring isn’t only good in design but also low in price.

Cork Bathroom Flooring: Reasons Why to Choose It

The cork flooring started in Europe and it has been used for centuries. Now, with the increasing popularity of the flooring cork style in North America and Australia, people are beginning to consider using the cork bathroom flooring as a part of their bathroom design and style. There’re many reasons why cork bathroom flooring is famous and likeable by almost anyone, such as:

  • It’s environmentally friendly since it’s made of oak tree bark. Since the harvesting of the bark oak tree is done by hand and it’s not harming the tree, it’s considered very safe and renewable.
  • It consists of very small air pockets which make it soft and comfortable to walk on. It makes the temperature of the room stay constant. It’s strong because the air pockets are tightly close to each other so extra air can’t get in.
  • The cellular structure makes the material ideal for kitchen and bathroom flooring because it’s resistant to moisture. It’s also easy to clean. When there’s water drop or spill, people only need to wipe it right away.

However, the cork flooring isn’t resistant to flood. When it’s flooded, water can seep into the material and cause damage. That’s why it’s better to avoid water pooling.

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How to Install Cork Bathroom Flooring

When people want to have cork bathroom flooring, they can do it on their own. The flooring installation is easy, but they need to do it carefully. They need to:

  • Measure the bathroom. Add about 10 percent of the square foot measurement to avoid mistakes in installation. It’s important to place the flooring a week before the installation so the flooring can acclimate to the room atmosphere and temperature.
  • Before installing anything, clean the area. Sand it, if they need to. Make sure they’ve removed all the toilets and baseboards. Once the floor is smooth and level, they can start the installation right away. If they want to make sure whether the floor is humid or not, they can lay plastic cover for about a day. If there’s moisture, they need to prepare dehumidifier before installation.
  • Lay the cork bathroom flooring in a dry run to help them determine where they should place the flooring. When the layout is done, they can seal the floor by using a primer. Let it dry for about an hour.
  • They can use adhesive with water base to attach the flooring tiles. Carefully lay everything and cut the excessive tiles with razor blade when they need to make adjustment. After installation, use 100lb roller to secure the tiles. Seal the tiles and wait for about a day before reattaching the toilet and baseboards.

The natural warmth of the cork bathroom flooring makes it suitable for bathroom flooring especially when they’re going to walk barefoot on it. They don’t need to use ceramic tiles that are cold and slippery. The natural characteristics and texture of the cork bathroom flooring makes it an ideal flooring design.

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