Carpet Tiles What Makes Them A Great Choice

Carpet Tiles  What Makes Them A Great Choice

Carpet Tiles What Makes Them A Great Choice?

Basement carpet tiles are an excellent choice for your basement flooring. Versatile and attractive, they are a fantastic choice for adding warmth and style to this space. There are many benefits to choosing carpet tiles, including ease of installation and the ability to create custom designs.

Steps to Take Before Installation

Before you start sinking money into finishing the basement; you must make sure it is dry. Insurance companies do not cover personal belongings in subterranean dwelling areas, including drywall and carpet. However, you can protect your investment by taking the time to check moisture levels and waterproof the basement.

  • Check for floor condensation. This test is surprisingly easy. If the basement feels damp, but you don’t normally see water on the floor, you may have some condensation seeping up through the flooring. Tape a three-foot square piece of plastic to the floor, sealing it on all sides. Let it sit for a few days, the pull up the plastic and see if it is dry. If it is, you are ready to start installing your carpet.
  • If the plastic is wet, you should treat the concrete before installing any flooring. Cracks or holes should be properly filled, and the concrete should then be painted with a high quality waterproofing product.

Benefits of Commercial

There are many advantages to choosing carpet tiles over wall-to-wall carpet or other products. Unlike large rolls of carpet, they are easy to transport and carry into the basement. They can be stacked in a corner, allowing you to work on the project at your own pace.

If you choose wall-to-wall carpet, the entire floor must be done at one time. Furniture must be moved out of the room completely, meaning that you may wind up trying to haul heavy items up narrow basement stairs. Carpet tiles can be installed by working in small areas at a time. The furniture can be moved from one spot to another in the room, eliminating the need to take it out of the room completely.

When your wall-to-wall carpet becomes stained, you may be left with the stain forever. Stained carpet tiles are replaceable, so you can keep your carpet looking like new longer. They can also be mixed and matched, allowing you to create a custom design. You can choose one color and create a pattern by altering the nap, or you can use multiple colors and create a fantastic pattern with bold colors.

While they are not as thick and plush as wall-to-wall carpet, they are still very comfortable and attractive. They will absorb noise, provide warmth and make the entire basement feel more like a home.


Carpet tiles for the basement are easy to install. The first step is to measure the basement to determine how many squares you will need. It’s tempting to buy a few boxes at a time, but you run the risk then of the store running out. To ensure that you receive consistent colors and patterns, it’s better to purchase all of the tiles at the same time.

Most options have self-adhesive backs, so installing them is fast and easy. The floor should be clean and dry before you start working. In addition to sweeping it to clear away debris, mopping is also necessary to remove residual dirt, oil or grease. Once the floor is clean, a grid should be marked to ensure that your tiles feature straight lines. Start laying them in the middle of the floor by removing the paper backing and pressing them on to the floor. Work towards the perimeter of the room. Tiles along the walls can be cut using a utility knife and cutting from the back of the tile.

Interlocking carpet tiles do not have to be glued to the floor. They latch in to each other, and they often feature rubber backings. These are more resistant to water, as they include a barrier between the water and the carpet fibers.

Whether you choose self-adhesive carpet tiles for basement floors or a floating floor of interlocking tiles, be mindful of the nap as you are putting them in place. The direction of the nap will create a pattern, and a tile turned the wrong way will stand out.


Carpet tiles for the basement are extremely affordable. You can spend less than two dollars a square foot to install your own carpet and enjoy a great look. If you want a higher quality or a special pattern, you can expect the price to rise to more than four dollars a square foot. The ability to install this floor yourself and replace damaged pieces makes these tiles even more attractive.

You can customize your basement flooring by using tiles. Featuring simple installation and low maintenance requirements, this flooring option can transform your basement into a valuable part of your home. When you are ready to take this step in your basement finishing project, consider the many benefits of carpet tiles.

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