Bathroom Floor Tiles And Wall Tiles

Bathroom Floor Tiles And Wall Tiles

Bathroom Floor Tiles And Wall Tiles

The choice of bathroom floor tiles is most frequently ceramic floor tiles. Due to wet or humid conditions that can occur in a bathroom, ceramic tiles are well suited and more practical than most any other floor covering. Furthermore ceramic tiles are extremely fast and easy of care. There is no need for waxes or any other products to make them shine, a mop and a little water are largely sufficient. And to top all these benefits, they are the material reference for hygiene.

If you have looked for bathroom floor tiles on the internet, you may have come across a rating for quality, based on four letters UPEC. This rating takes into consideration four criteria to determine if a floor material is suitable for a particular application. If you live in an area that uses the rating it is easy to determine the quality of the tiles you are buying since it is done for you. If you live in the US in the absence of a standard label you might ask about the vitreous quality of the tiles you are considering. The lower the absorption rating of the tiles is, the better the quality of the ceramic.

A word of caution here, the strength of the tiles must be floor quality to use as flooring material, as wall tiles will not give you the years of satisfaction you expect if you use them on the floor.

Once you have made this functional decision, you must then make an esthetic choice, this is when the fun really begins. Under the term of floor tiles and wall tiles you are going to find many different materials, terra cotta, porcelain, ceramic, glass, stone…, and in many different formats. Each buyer will have to find the way to create an ambiance that is personal, and original, even elegant. Bathroom tile floors can truly reflect your own personality, you can if you feel so inclined have ceramic bathroom wall tiles made by artists or artisans to your own design ideas, and integrate them in your overall design. While this may cost a little more than to buy white bathroom tiles or any color for that matter, you can buy a few tiles just to add a personal touch in some areas. You can see one such personalized tile motif on the image below.

Your choice of a particular ceramic bathroom floor tile can create a classic look, that is traditional, elegant and functional. It is beyond time and style, it never ages.

Do you want to complement a cottage or country look, bathroom tiles can certainly be your choice. Warm colors and shapes will help you create an authentic relaxing atmosphere that is warm and welcoming.

Perhaps you are a non-conformist and prefer you own style, tiles can still help you achieve the look you want. Black bathroom floor tiles, as seen here, are often used by non-conformist to achieve great originality. But while black bathroom tiles add a touch of drama to any bathroom, they are difficult to keep clean. Solid black shows every bit of dirt or lint, and hard water spots are very visible on highly glossy black tiles. It is not forcibly true that black bathroom floor tiles will make the room look smaller. It can happen, however it is more a question of balance between the size of the room and the size of the tiles, as well as the furniture you choose.

White bathroom floor tiles on the other hand are very Zen, and with a few color touches added to the bathroom create a style that never goes out.

Or you may want to recreate an ethnic bathroom, either because you have ties to a culture or because you fell in love with the wonderful motifs that ethnic art can provide. You can find tiles that will fit this need as well.

Bathroom Floor Tiles And Wall Tiles

Today’s trends are towards large rectangular tiles, with subdued colors and the use of the same tiles for the floor and the walls. Ceramic tiles while very popular, should be left aside for tiles made of porcelain, marble or granite. They will give you a better texture and you will find many colors to your liking. Another trend is to use glass for bathroom floor and wall tiles, in small or large squares, they confer a modern look and a futurist atmosphere to your bathroom.

Not all bathroom tiles are ceramic or porcelain, you can use cork floor tiles, natural stone tiles such as travertine tiles or granite, or even vinyl bathroom flooring tiles. but the reality is that the majority of people do use ceramic bathroom tiles .

Stone tiles are elegant and long lasting, they do however require a skilled installer, which increases the cost of your bathroom floor. In spite of the higher slates bathroom floor tiles are very popular as their lasting value is only unequaled by marble bathroom floor tiles. Their beauty is legendary and you can be assured of a truly unique floor as each tile is by nature different from any other.

Vinyl tiles or pvc has entered the domain of residential bathrooms. For a long time they were used mostly in commercial settings. Today’s pvc tiles have a larger array of colors and patterns than in the past, which explains the interest homeowners are showing for this type of bathroom floor. Easy to install they are often less expensive than other tiles.

Each type of tile has advantages and all have some disadvantages. The choice you make must be determined by what is most important to you, by weighing the pros and the cons of the material against the budget you have allocated for the project. When moving into a home with older tiles in need of renovation, and faced with a very small budget you might consider that painting bathroom floor tiles is possible. If done correctly it can give your bathroom a new life for a few years, and you might come up with some interesting bathroom floor tiles design.

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