Acid Stain ConcreteConcrete Staining Training for Contractors

Acid Stain ConcreteConcrete Staining Training for Contractors

Youve probably had customers asking if you do concrete staining. Stained concrete floors are hot!

If you are a contractor or have a flooring company, you may have found yourself thinking, I need to get in on this business. If so, youve come to the right place.

My name is Gaye Goodman. Since 1995 I have run a successful floor staining business in Albuquerque, New Mexico. My crews and I have stained the floors in hundreds of homes, businesses and large public buildings from San Diego to New York.

From a guest bathroom to a $3 million custom adobe home, from a small retail store to a 30,000 square foot museum my crews and I have seen every problem, tackled every staining challenge and amassed valuable experience on

  • How to do the job right
  • How to do it quickly and efficiently, and
  • How to avoid the headaches that can ruin a job.

But thats not all.

What puts me head and shoulders above my competitors is the fact that

I was trained as a fine arts painter.

To me, floors arent just concrete slabs to make look pretty they are a canvas on which to create an extraordinary visual experience.

In 2003, I realized that my unique knowledge and experience would be of value to others who were interested in doing their own floors or getting into the business. I did my first video, How to Stain Concrete Floors and put it on the market.

The response was greater than I ever imagined.

So then I wrote the first edition of Acid Staining Secrets of the Pros – Tips and Tricks. It gave my readers all the little inside secrets that you can only learn by doing something for years.

In response from my customers for more design information, I wrote the Advanced Artistic Techniques manual to offer the key creative techniques and artistic perspective that sets my work apart. A couple of years later, I overhauled the whole package extending the video, rewriting the Artistic manual and creating a new manual Fundamentals of Concrete Staining. I also produced with my crew a DVD on how to maintain stained floors so you can enjoy them for years. And most recently, I’ve produced a DVD Staining Commercial Spaces to help professionals get into the lucrative large spaces market.

The result of all this effort has been the creation of the most comprehensive and complete written and video material on Artistic Concrete Staining in the world. We have sold thousands of copies to satisfied customers in more than forty countries around the globe.

My seminars have brought people from as far as Africa, Australia and New Zealand to learn firsthand how to create stunning stained floors.

I have to be honest – when I first got into acid staining I thought it was just a passing fad. More than a decade later, the industry is booming more than ever. In fact, decorative work is now the fastest growing segment of the entire concrete industry and, for the contractors out there, its also the most profitable!

Stained concrete seems to be everywhere – in homes, at work, in the places we shop and go for entertainment. Its versatility, cost-effectiveness, endurance, and ease of maintenance make it the right choice for many interior and exterior spaces.

Chances are, at least some of your clients are interested in going green. Commercial developers are looking increasingly for LEED certification as a differentiator in their market. Homeowners want to create a smaller environmental footprint and greater energy efficiency.

Acid staining fits the bill. Manufacturing both carpet and tile is very energy intensive and both wind up in the landfill sooner or later. Acid stains have nominal environmental impact, require very little energy to produce and maintain. And unlike carpet and tile which must be renewed periodically, the slab will endure the life of the building and when the building is demolished, the cement in the slab can be recycled unlike tile and carpet.

Acid Stain ConcreteConcrete Staining Training for Contractors

With the huge demand for stained concrete floors, a lot of people who have gotten into the business thinking it would be an easy way to make money. Unfortunately, many failed to prepare themselves with proper training on how to stain concrete. The result is that many so called professional stainers wind up ruining the slab and leaving something that has to be covered over with tile or carpet.

Nearly one-third of the client calls I receive are calls for help to fix a disaster created by another floor stainer.

Usually, theres nothing I can do. The slab has been ruined by an inexperienced pro.

Take it from me, regardless of what you hear to the contrary, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to create the stained concrete finish you want without some training.

Even though you have experience with decorative concrete work, laying tile or painting and feel you have all the expertise you need to stain a floor. Chances are, this knowledge won’t get you very far on an acid staining project.

There is one primary reason that acid staining concrete is a different kind of project from other flooring options:

Every slab is unique .

Thats right! Just like a fingerprint, every slab in every home or office in the world is one of a kind. From the composition of the materials, to how it was poured, to how it was troweled, even what mix was in the concrete truck before your slab was poured.

Add to that the fact that unlike other floor finishes, acid stain is translucent. Rather than covering the slab with color, it creates a chemical reaction that transforms the color of the concrete itself. It doesnt cover up the imperfections in the slab, it accentuates them.

Therefore, every slab you stain will have a slightly different reaction to the same products and the same techniques. That is the source of its stone-like beauty.

That is why evenseasoned contractors need to learn some new principles before tackling an acid staining project.

But why not hear it from those who know firsthand. Here is what a few of the people who have studied my materials have to say.

Gaye’s experience and unique artistic approach keep her on the forefront of the decorative concrete industry, and her video is a must-have for anyone interested in acid staining — professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. We use the video to train our sales team, distributors and contractors on the fundamentals of acid staining and to demonstrate various techniques required to apply the product successfully.

Ron Pedzinski

VP of Sales, L.M. Scofield Company

America’s Largest Producer of Acid Stain

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