The Right Care to Make Laminate Flooring Endure -

The Right Care to Make Laminate Flooring Endure -

The Right Care to Make Laminate Flooring Endure

    Check the installation area

The durability of laminate flooring is greatly affected by long exposure to water, which will make it expand, lose the adhesive, and peel off the floor. Don’t install laminate under kitchen sinks, damp areas, or places prone to water exposure. Also consider how much traffic happens in that particular area because constant activity and abrasion dulls the laminate finish. If you want to use laminate flooring in areas with heavy traffic, use rugs or carpets to protect the floors.

Read the instructions carefully

If you will do the installation yourself, make sure that you read the instruction manual. Manufacturers have a set of instructions that come along with the flooring to ensure the best results. Failing to read them can ruin the material and null your warranty. If you are not sure what to do, hire an expert to do the installation.

Clean it often

To keep the shine and durability of laminate flooring, clean it with a soft mop or vacuum cleaner. Dirt and dust that have accumulated become abrasives that dull the floor finish. Use a dry mop because water can make the laminate expand. If you really need to use water, dampen the mop only a little, and remove any excessive water from it. Quickly follow through with a dry cloth to avoid water from dampening it longer than needed.

Choose the right cleanser

Laminate floors are sensitive. Liquid cleansers and buffing machines are enemies of laminate. So are steel wool, ammonia, and oil because they dull the surface. Most manufacturers indicate in their manuals the type of cleansers that can be used. However, the most recommended cleaning method to maintain the durability of laminate flooring is a clean dry mop.

Install over carpet

The Right Care to Make Laminate Flooring Endure -

You will find some websites telling you that this is possible. Do not believe it; follow expert and proven advice to ensure durability of laminate flooring. Never install laminate flooring using carpet as a substrate because carpet is soft, which might fool you into thinking the laminate surface is soft, but when a hard object drops on laminate flooring, it will break. Also, by using carpet underneath, you are probably voiding the warranty. Manufacturer’s instructions are there for a reason. Follow them to avoid problems.

Drag heavy furniture

One way to destroy the beauty and dull the finish of your laminate flooring is to drag heavy furniture over it. This activity scrapes the floor and leaves unsightly scratches. If you have to move heavy furniture over laminate floors, ask someone to help you carry it. After that, use protective pads at the bottom of heavy furniture to avoid dents. In addition, high-heeled shoes can ruin the floors. It is better better to leave them at the shoe rack beside the door to keep dust and dirt away.

Spill liquid on them

Water and other types of liquid can ruin laminate floors. If there is a spill, wipe it immediately with a dry cloth to absorb all water. Water sitting on laminate floors over long periods can make them expand and loosen. Be careful of the rain coming in and getting on the floor because that will dull the surface.

Expose the floors to sunlight

Sunlight is another enemy of laminate floors. Direct and prolonged exposure to sunlight dulls the finish and affects the durability of laminate flooring. To avoid this, use drapes or curtains to hide the floors when sunlight is at its brightest. Another way to protect your floors from sunlight in areas where there is no curtain is to place rugs or carpets on top. Rearrange them as needed.

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