Remodelaholic DIY Wood Alternative, Paper Flooring! Leather flooring look…

Remodelaholic DIY Wood Alternative, Paper Flooring! Leather flooring look...

DIY Wood Alternative, Paper Flooring! Leather flooring look

This party link could not be passed up for its utter coolness. This is I think a great alternative for a need without spending a bunch of money, and if it gets you through then I think that is perfect. So, this post comes from Jami at An Oregon Cottage check out what she has to say:

As promised, here is a video tutorial that shows all the steps needed to create a do-it-yourself floor using brown kraft paper and glue like the one we did for both our sons room makeover and our daughters recent room makeover. Its a great alternative to wood floors and creates a cool leather look.

Brian and I are unanimous in our love of wood flooring and our hatred disgust dislike of carpet. Bear with me a minute as I get on a little soap box about wall-to-wall carpet. Carpet is:

  • expensive
  • not an easy DIY project (more money for labor)
  • hard to clean (pets? children?hello?)
  • filter is full after 5 years (exact quote from a carpet professional- translation: theres no amount of cleaning thats going to get it clean)
  • dusty, dirty edges even with regular vacuuming
  • an unchangeable color
  • not great for certain allergies
  • and, since we moved rurally, shows all of the dirt, mud and other dark things that routinely come in on peoples shoes

OK, Im down from the box and obviously you can guess where we stand. And while I know plenty of people who love their wall-to-wall, this video is for those like us whod like to get rid of it, either because you cant afford new or because you, too, dont like carpet.

Needless to say, we are slowly getting rid of the carpet that came with the house we are living in and we are down to two rooms left: the master bedroom and the sunken living room. They will probably get some sort of wood, but for the kids rooms, we used this decoupage torn-paper technique that wed used in our other house with great success.

Its easy, inexpensive and creates a (sort of) leather-look with minimal effort. Its coated with polyurethane so it wears well, although I wouldnt recommend it for high traffic areas. How inexpensive? A 12 x 11 room cost just $65 total, or about .50 a square foot, which is super for new flooring.

Heres what it looks like in our daughters room.

I love seeing this from the hallway now instead of the brown, stained carpeting. It looks a lot airier, too, and makes the room seem bigger.

Now we can get any color of carpeting we like and when its old and stained we can just buy a new one (and since this was just $25, its not a huge investment).

Here you can better see what the floor looks like. The pieces of torn kraft paper all came from the same roll, but they dry light and dark (I dont know why), which I think creates a more interesting look than if it was all one color.

The best part for a kids room? Nice and airy under the bed- no cleaning up by pushing everything under there!

Interested in replicating this flooring option in your house? This tutorial video shows you all the steps and tools youll need.

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And please let us know if you use the technique- wed love to hear (and see!) how it turned out for you!

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