Ptc Radiant Warm The Floor Heating System — Buy Ptc Warm The Floor,Radiant Heating System,Radiant

Ptc Radiant Warm The Floor Heating System - Buy Ptc Warm The Floor,Radiant Heating System,Radiant


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HY PTC Warmfloor is the most versatile heating system on the planet. It was designed for the ultimate in comfort and versatility. No other system offers the simplicity, reliability, and versatility of our innovative self-regulating, low-voltage electroplastic element.

1. Safety

The heating element has self-regulating function, and will not overheat and thereby reach a suitable temperature.

2. Energy saving & Environment friendly

When the system works, its colorless and tasteless. Its self-regulating, so when the temperature increases, the wattage decreases. It is called low carbon heating system.

3. Healthy

When the system works, it has a lot of XIR Extreme Infrared, 90% of them are 6-14m (scientists call these wave length for life wave). They help to balance your body function.

4. Versatility

Easy installation. People can install DIY. Heating element can be used under most floorings, like carpet, tile, marble, wood, etc.

PTC Warmfloor Products List

PTC heating element

Connectors Crimping clips

Crimping tools

Sealant Tape to seal the connections

Wire Black and White

Insulation layer

Fixing Tape — to fix the Element to the sub-floor however it can also be nailed /stapled to the sub-floor avoiding the outer bus braids

Frequently Questions about PTC Warmfloor

A1. What is PTC Warmfloor? How safe is the product?

Ptc Radiant Warm The Floor Heating System - Buy Ptc Warm The Floor,Radiant Heating System,Radiant

PTC Warmfloor is a strong, flexible, thin plastic heating mat. It is made of an innovative polymer blend that heats when electricity is passed through the material. Unlike other types of radiant floor heating, PTC Warmfloor has the unique ability to self-regulate. So it will not overheat. To provide power continuously along its length, a flat bus braid is embedded in the plastic sheet heater along each edge. Our system is energy efficient when continuously heat, allowing the self-regulating nature of the heating elements to control the floor temperature.

PTC Warmfloor is a very safe product and ideally suited for bathrooms and other wet environment. Because it is mainly a polymer, it will be unaffected by moisture. PTC Warmfloor is a low voltage system (24V)

A2. How long has PTC Warmfloor been used?

The self-regulating polymer technology was developed in 1981 and first used to provide heated seats for automobiles. Since then the technology has been used in a variety of applications, including the floor covering area. Hundreds of thousands of square feet of PTC Warmfloor have been installed globally.

A3.What type of floors can PTC Warmfloor be used under?

PTC Warmfloor provides such even and gentle heating that it can be used under almost any flooring including carpet, vinyl, laminate, marble, stone, tile and even under wood.

A4. Can PTC Warmfloor heat my whole house?

PTC Warmfloor can easily be used as the only heat source. It is used in extreme cold areas such as Alaska, Norway and Ushuaia. Using this heating system eliminates the need for a forced air furnace, which blows dust and particles around. Each room can be individually controlled.

A5. Can I use PTC Warmfloor to just take the chill out of my floor?

Yes, floor warming is a perfect fit for PTC Warmfloor. Bathroom floors will be pleasantly comfortable on your bare feet in the morning. The system can be used for floor warming in a single room while a different heat source is used to heat the whole house. Remember that other rooms can also benefit from a warm floor — kitchens, foyers, dens, family

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