More Eco Friendly Home Improvements Flooring hunter

More Eco Friendly Home Improvements Flooring hunter

More Eco Friendly Home Improvements

April 1st, I hope most of you won’t get spoofed today.

We had Earth Hour last March and the organizers are thankful for the global support they got. Later this month, we will be celebrating Earth Day and to show our support in promoting environmental awareness, we will be having posts on eco friendly, sustainable and viable use of resources in flooring and other design and improvement projects for the home.

Earlier we had a post about a couple of green ideas for the home and some green flooring options so for today, we would like to add a few more items to that list.

1. Shop Wise

Whether you are buying a new piece of appliance or furniture, its best to check out the materials used and how the product is manufactured. The practice not only raises one’s awareness about nature-friendly products but it also helps you contribute to the green revolution .

It neither takes rocket science research nor compromise in building and design choices because there are literally dozens of environmentally sound products to choose from composite decking, recycled plastic carpet tiles. linoleum. soy-based wood or concrete stains and VOC -free paints among others are some of the options. The choice is really up to you.

2. Repurpose

From old clothes to old furniture as with all other stuff most of us buy, the best way to conserve and preserve resources is to find uses for items at home which we no longer need but which are either damaged or broken down beyond repair or we just simply grew tired of.

For old furniture or flooring. think of all the different places at your home and consider how you can repair, repaint, upcycle or recycle what you currently own and turn it into what you need. Old cabinetry can be made into chic storage or display rack, old doors to desks and almost anything else one can think of.

However, repurposing doesnt have to be time-consuming or labor-intensive all the time. All the old materials that the family has outgrown or grew tired of can always be donated or better yet, do an overall or some should say overhaul of all the stuff no longer needed and do a yardsale. This way, you get rid of stuff you no longer have use of and get extra cash to fund the next project you want to do.

3. Cultivate a Garden

Especially true for those who have a green thumbafter all nothing grows greener than green. If your homes have a wide yard, then having a well-landscaped garden is a great idea. Be sure that the plants in are well-suited to the climate in your location and as much as possible, appropriate for the resources available. If its exceptionally dry in your region choose plants that doesn’t require that much water.

More Eco Friendly Home Improvements Flooring hunter

Make the garden an attractive feature in your homes. Attractive doesn’t have to be elaborate at all but think of it as an accessory to the deck or patio if you have one. Something that will draw the family into your home’s backyard or outdoor spaces .

It can be a poetic trellis, picturesque orchids or flawless evergreens. It can also be a row of bushes, a simple flower bed, a collection of potted plants or even a few selected planters, the point is to have them growing and making homes, both inside and out, more beautiful.

4. Smart Baths

Fresh water supply is one key environmental concern. In every home, bathrooms usually have the highest water consumption, except perhaps for those that own a swimming pool or a pond.

One great green home improvement idea is to replace current bathroom fixtures into water-saving ones, another of course is making sure that plumbing is 100 percent okay. Using treatment to prolong water in the pool is also another great idea.

If you’re in the process of restoring, building or buying a house, you might want to consider having in place a system that will help collect, process and store rainwater for your home needs.

With all the ideas mentioned above, the key is to plan as much as possible. Avoid buying things on impulse and ensure that each renovation or improvement and DIY projects are done with considerable thought.

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