Laminate Flooring Houston, Texas Direct Source Flooring

Laminate Flooring Houston, Texas Direct Source Flooring

Laminate Flooring in Houston, Texas

Welcome to Direct Source Flooring

Your Houston Laminate Flooring Source

For a limited time, were offering incredible savings on one of our most popular lines of material. At just 79¢ /ft, Kronotex laminate flooring has never been more affordable. Many other colors available at close out prices! Ask about 79¢ warehouse specials. Click here for more information.

Direct Source Flooring is now on Facebook. A new 79 cent laminate/pad combo deal is coming as soon as we hit 100 likes, so be sure to tell your friends!

Note. $250.00 minimum order for all shipping orders. Does not include cost of shipping.

Direct Source Flooring is your Kronoswiss Houston source. If youre looking for laminate flooring in Texas, youve come to the right place. We buy ocean containers of Kronoswiss flooring direct from Europe and have more inventory than any warehouse in Texas. Dont settle for laminate flooring that is not precision milled in Europe. They invented it, and their quality is excellent. If youd rather buy American, Kronotex now makes their product right here in the U.S.A.

Why laminate flooring over wood flooring? Durability, ease of installation and the cushioning property that makes living on and walking on laminate flooring so comfortable are just a few of the major advantages our product has over traditional wood floors. Visit our Laminate vs. Wood Flooring rundown to learn more.

We offer several different products: Kronoswiss Flooring. Kronoswiss Prestige Elite, Noblesse, Swiss Plank, Swiss Plank Natural and Swiss Plank Elite. We also carry the full line of Kronotex Flooring. We have multiple colors available for each of these products. Direct Source Flooring warehouses all of these products and more, including Quickstep and Mannington. We sell every brand made, and if we dont have what youre looking for in stock, well order it. Go to our Product Comparison chart for more information and pricing on these products.

We typically have 20 colors in stock, on location, and ready for you to pick up. We also keep a huge inventory of moldings and three types of padding in stock. Located conveniently off of I-45 in South Houston, get in and out quickly with your order. No waiting on inexperienced salesmen, and no damaged materials.

Dont be fooled by low per-square-ft. installed prices that you see advertised by many companies. Most companies advertise completed job prices that just dont add up. Get bids from the companies that you are interested in getting to do the work and compare them. A lot of companies get their foot in the door by advertising low installation prices, free furniture removal, free installation and free carpet removal. Nothing is free! You are going to pay for these services somewhere else in their price. See what the total job is going to cost you and forget about footage claims and freebies. We dont play these games at Direct Source Flooring. We will give you an estimate on the total job. No tricks or gimmicks.

The materials in the big box stores are not the same quality as the materials that we sell. Their materials are mostly made in China, Canada or the U.S. We love made in U.S.A., but come in and see us and we will show you the differences in what we sell and what they sell. However we do offer laminate that is made in the U.S.A by Kronotex. We also offer QuietWalk® pad and Zamma moldings which are both made in the U.S.A. We also never drop a color. There is no other company that will make you that guarantee. When you need repair or add on materials we will either have them in stock or on order. The only exception to this is if the manufacturer drops a color.

We are very hands on and you will always be able to talk to someone here on the phone. Do yourself a favor and deal with someone who will help you every step of the way. We especially enjoy working with do it yourselfers. For more information or to setup an appointment call: Daryl at 281-734-7574 or Sylvia at 512-567-6381, or fill out a contact form with any inquiries here.

We warehouse in Houston, Texas (city of South Houston) and Austin, Texas.

One of the largest Kronoswiss

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