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Advantages Of Bamboo Flooring Over Hardwood Flooring

If you want to renovate your old house or are just looking to replace your old floor but you don’t want to use any synthetic flooring, you might want to consider bamboo flooring. Aside from being natural and eco-friendly, it is made out of real wood. Bamboo flooring is a very good alternative to other wooden floors.

It may not have the properties of hardwood floors but they are gaining popularity because they are generally earth friendly. Hardwood floors come from trees that take long periods of time to grow. Bamboo trees on the other hand, are easily replenished because they can be harvested every 3 to 6 years.

Bamboo Flooring Options

www.floorgurusgreenvillesc.com for tons of flooring options. Bamboo Flooring. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are several types of bamboo floors that you can choose from. Solid Bamboo Flooring is composed of several pieces of bamboo that are stuck together. Engineered Bamboo Flooring is made out of solid bamboo glued on a substrate backing. This prevents the bamboo from shrinking due to exposure to dry air. Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring is the most durable of all bamboo floors. The bamboo is first shredded and then compressed with glue to create a single solid bamboo plank.

Types of Grains

Horizontal grains refer to the horizontal placement of bamboo planks flat across the floor. The horizontal bamboo planks are glued together before they are pressurized and then finished. Knuckles and growth rings are randomly displayed across the floor. They have big node patterns.

Vertical grains refer to the vertical placement of bamboo planks across the floor. They are on their side as they are attached together with glue after which they are pressurized and finished. Vertical grain bamboo floors offer a more uniformed look and they have small node patterns.

Bamboo Flooring Color Types

There are several bamboo flooring colors types to choose from natural, stained, tiger, direct print and carbonized. The natural color has a yellowish white color which is the real color of bamboo. No colorants or stains are used for natural bamboo flooring.

Carbonized bamboo has variants of caramel to brown shades. The bamboo is boiled longer than natural bamboo and its sugars are allowed to caramelize. The sugars add color to the bamboo. The shades of carbonized bamboo will vary depending on the length of time the bamboo is boiled.

Tiger bamboo is made up of both natural and carbonized bamboo strips. The differences in color of natural and carbonized types create the tiger stripes on tiger bamboo floors.

Stained bamboo is any type of bamboo flooring that is stained to have any shade from its natural color to the darker browns. The wide variety of stains available makes it easier to match with existing furniture.

Other types of wood may be mimicked by bamboo through direct print. Patterns that are often seen on hardwood floors are printed onto the bamboo planks prior to being pressurized and finished.

Since bamboo is easier to replenish compared to other types of wood, it is far more affordable. Be sure to check out and consider bamboo flooring in your next renovation.

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Why Carpet Flooring Is Better

For something so universally available, carpet flooring holds many advantages over conventional flooring like vinyl, plain concrete, and other materials. The first of these advantages is that carpet flooring is present virtually everywhere and is available in a wide range of colors, designs, textures, thickness and prices.

As office and residential spaces do, carpet flooring also comes in many shapes and sizes. They are even available in carpet tiles which can be had in any specific number according to the floor area where they are intended to be placed on.

Wonderfully Impermanent

Swatches of Berber carpet (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of the major advantages of carpet flooring is that it can be changed periodically – much more often and less expensive than permanent flooring. This gives the homeowners the flexibility of having new carpet flooring installed as much as their budget allows.

For homeowners who like changing furniture in the home, they can change the color and material scheme of the carpet floor as well. Carpet flooring are among the best decor and design elements in a home or apartment. They can be selected according to present and intended colour schemes of any room in the home and office. For interior designers, carpet flooring allows them to keep to a unified design without breaking the bank. Virtually any design scheme can be done with good carpet flooring.

Noise Damper

Due to the natural characteristics of most carpet flooring material, one of the many advantages it gives homeowners is that it absorbs sound. This is particularly good in apartments and office buildings where noise between upstairs and lateral neighbours can be an issue. Carpet flooring reduces the bouncing of noise by muffling any noise created and reducing it by a noticeable percentage.

For people who like to entertain, having a carpet floor reduces seepage of party sounds into the neighbours down below. Music can be played, conversations can be had, without creating noise pollution. As opposed to hard flooring, carpet floors also reduce noise from footsteps from high-heeled and formal leather shoes especially along high foot traffic areas like corridors and such.

Carpet Cozy

Aside from helping regulate sound indoors, carpet flooring also acts as an insulator for temperature. In a way similar to fabric based insulators, having carpet flooring is like having an additional layer that keeps warmth in by acting as a temperature barrier. Homeowners can afford to walk around barefoot on carpet floors without fear of the cold concrete floor.

Upon getting out of bed in the morning, carpet floors are surprisingly comfortable on the feet and after a hard day’s work most people would appreciate just to walk barefoot on a soft carpet floor.  In fact, some carpet floors, especially when installed with the layer of soft filler beneath, are comfortable enough for people to lie down on. A pillow and a comfy carpet floor is all that’s needed for a quick nap.

Whatever the requirement is, carpet flooring is flexible enough in specification and cost to be able to satisfy virtually any need anywhere.

To set up flooring in your house today please check out floor gurus and contact us  for more information. Its fast, easy and simple and you can get setup today.

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Laminate Flooring Practical, Easy To Maintain And Affordable!

Laminate flooring comes in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes. Often laminates are made to look like other types of flooring such as wood or stone. Some of them even have textures that reproduce the surfaces of these materials. Unlike other types of floors, laminates offer the widest variety of choices. There are four reasons why people choose laminate flooring over other types of flooring versatility, affordability, ease of installation and maintenance. Go here to learn more about laminate flooring greenville sc .

Perfect For Your Whole House

One good thing about laminate flooring is that it can be used for nearly all rooms in the house. Laminate flooring would be perfect for people who do not want to deal with the maintenance of different types of floors in their homes. It is great for both low and high foot traffic areas because they are durable and easy on the feet even when you are walking barefoot.

Easy on the Pocket, Perfect for People on a Budget

Often, flooring made from real hardwood, stone or ceramic tiles will need a good budget. Aside from the expensive cost of materials, you will need to spend much on labor as they may take days to install. Laminated flooring is relatively inexpensive compared to its real counterparts and it can last for about 20 years. Laminated flooring also does not require any finishing unlike unfinished hardwood floors.

Easy Installation and Repairs

Except for carpets, laminated flooring can be installed over any existing floor. There will be no need to chip away old tiles or painstakingly take out any wood or stone. You can just put them over your old flooring. You also need not spend so much on labor because the laminate boards are relatively easy to install. Most boards nowadays come with interlocking parts. There would be no need for industrial glue or any strong adhesives. A room can be finished in less than a day. If you want to, you can even do it yourself!

When a part of a floor needs replacement, just unlock several of the laminate boards from the wall, replace the damaged board with a new one and lock the boards together again. This may sound like a tedious task but repairing parts of other types of flooring can be more complicated specially if they are cemented or glued to the floor.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Laminate flooring is easy to maintain. All you will need is a damp mop and perhaps a vacuum cleaner or a broom. It does not require any waxing though it may be done if desired. After cleaning a laminate floor, it will look exactly as it was when it was new. Laminate flooring is scratch, heat and moisture resistant. They are stain proof and can withstand spills and leaks. It is also resistant to the growth of molds and bacteria. If needed, they can be treated with anti-bacterial and anti-allergen coatings.

When choosing floor materials laminate flooring should definitely be taken into consideration. If you see yourself moving to another place in the future or if you are just renting, laminate floors will do just fine.

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Tile Flooring Tips Important Factors That Should Be Taken Into Consideration

Tile flooring has become an important part of interior design in today’s modern households. Tiles with various colors, shades and patterns add accents and style to any interior. Before investing in tile flooring, it is good to be aware of the various types of tiles available.

It is also good to be aware of the different styles, shapes, colors and sizes that they come in so you can choose what will work best and look best for specific rooms in your home. There are different tiles for different rooms. Tile selection should not only depend on what looks good but budget, climate and corrosion should also be taken into consideration. Check out tile greenville sc  for ideas, layouts and designs.

How Many Tiles Will You Need? Can You Afford It?

One of the first things that you have to do is know the size of the tiles that you want and the area where the tiles will be placed. Compute how many tiles will be needed and add a few extra tiles for breakages and future tile replacements.

Multiply this by the price of the tiles and add the cost of labor. So, can you afford it? If not, perhaps you should try using bigger tiles or perhaps you can choose a design that would make the whole project more affordable. Tile flooring can be rather costly so make sure to do the math first before having anything started.

Always Choose High Quality Tiles

Quality should always precede beauty. It is better to choose plain high quality tiles rather than fancy low quality tiles. Many people are tempted to go for fancy tiles even though they do not seem to be durable because they cost just as much or even less than the plain high quality ones. If you have the budget, then you can go for high quality tiles in any design that you want.

If you are on a budget and you have to choose, get the more durable tiles even if the fancy ones are calling to you. You will be spending more  once you have to replace the low quality tiles due to cracks and scratches. Choose tiles from reputable manufacturers that are mite resistant and most of all scratch proof.

Different Tiles For Different Rooms

Stone tiles and marble tiles are good for bathrooms and kitchens because they will be able to withstand any moisture or liquids that will be encountered in these areas. You can also go for water resistant, dirt resistant or washable tiles in these rooms. Ceramic tiles are perfect for living rooms, hallways and bedrooms. There are many ceramic tiles with great designs, shapes and colors. Just make sure that you choose a design that will go well with your furniture, walls and fixtures.

Tile flooring requires quality masonry work. Only a skilled professional can fit tiles perfectly on a floor. Do not scrimp on labor and try to do things yourself. You will regret it if your tiles start cracking because they are uneven underneath. You will also regret it when they come lose or when they chip because they are not properly fixed in place. Unless you are truly skilled, installation of tile flooring should be left to the professionals.

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Natural Stone Flooring Tiles

If you are building a house and are looking into selling it in the future, it might be a good idea to use natural stone flooring for the major rooms of the house. It may be more costly than other types of floors but it increases property value by a few thousands. Your investment in natural stone flooring will eventually pay off and you will stand to earn more than what you were originally expecting. The different types of natural stone flooring are listed below.

Travertine Tiles 

Travertine is a kind of limestone usually found in hot springs. It comes in white, tan and cream. It is usually used for walls of buildings but it is also used as material for natural stone flooring. Travertine tiles are available in many sizes, textures and different amounts of veining.

Granite Tiles

Granite is a type of igneous rock which is granular in texture. It consists of mica, quartz and feldspar. It is one of the more durable stones. This natural stone flooring is also frequently used for countertops in kitchens and bathrooms.

Slate Tiles

Slate usually comes in black, red, copper, blue and dark gray. This natural stone flooring may also be used for walls or accents. For those who want to veer away from the usual earth colors used in flooring, slate would be perfect.

Marble Tiles

Marble is a non foliated rock composed of carbonate minerals. It is one of the most commonly chosen materials for natural stone flooring. It is also usually used for walls and sculptures. Nowadays, marble tiles are available in different patterns, shapes and designs.

Onyx Tiles

Onyx is composed of amber and ivory. This combination gives it a unique honey color. It is perfect for bathrooms, balconies and kitchens. Onyx is one of the more frequently chosen materials for natural stone flooring.

Quartzite Tiles

Quartzite is a product of pure quartz sandstone. Quartz sandstone is converted to Quartzite through intense heat and tectonic pressure. Quartzite is a brilliant and sparkly type of natural stone flooring. It is very durable stone that comes in pink, blue and purple. Other colors such as yellow and orange arise due to impure minerals.

Sandstone Tiles

Sandstone is also known as Arenite. It is a sedimentary rock made out of rock grains and minerals such as quartz and feldspar. Sandstone is a natural stone flooring material that comes in tan, yellow, gray, white, brown, red, pink and black. It is usually found on cliffs. It is known for its grainy and nearly rough texture.

Limestone Tiles

Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed of calcite, aragonite and skeletal fragments of corals. This natural stone flooring is great for bathrooms and kitchens. Limestone may also be used for walls.

Rocks (Flat rocks, Pebbles)

Flat rocks are often used in the garden or lanai and they are set side by side with concrete. Sometimes they are just laid there to let grass grow in between the flat rocks. Pebble wash is usually used in gardens and walkways. Sometimes they are used as textures for park benches and foyers.

It would be wise if you would consider any of these natural stone flooring materials when building your home.

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The Benefits of Using Cork Flooring in Homes

Cork flooring is a relatively new concept in home flooring. In order to appreciate using cork as flooring material, people should understand what cork is made of and what makes it so special. Cork is made of bark from cork oak trees that grow in the Mediterranean. The countries that produce the most cork are Spain, Algeria, Tunisia, France, Portugal, Italy and Morocco. Thirty percent of the world’s cork oak trees are found in Portugal making them the biggest producer of cork, covering 70% of cork needs around the world.

Cork is made up of compressed bark in a honeycomb structure. It is resilient and good for cushioning and insulation. These features alone make cork a very good flooring material. Below are some benefits of using cork for floors.

Comfortable to Walk On and Stand On

The cellular structure of cork traps air. This makes it soft on the feet and comfortable to walk on. For long hours in the kitchen, cork floors are good because they lessen the stress of standing. Its soft material prevents feet from aching, legs from being strained and backs from being stiff. Aside from this, it acts as a shock absorber for delicate items that accidentally fall to the floor such as glass, ceramics and even electronic gadgets.

Cork Flooring A Natural Beauty

Cork flooring comes in different earth colors and grains. Different manufacturers create different patterns and shapes to choose from. Cork flooring is a natural beauty. Unlike laminate or vinyl floors that “fake” the look and texture other natural flooring materials like wood or stone, cork is real!

Cork Flooring A Solution to Having a Better Sound Situation at Home

Aside from being soft and comfortable to walk on, the cellular structure of cork floors make it absorb sound. Unlike hardwood floors, tiles or laminates, cork minimizes the impact noise caused by walking or things dropping to the floor. Since sound does not bounce off cork, there will be no hollow “echoey” sounds such as those heard when concrete is used as flooring.

All Natural

Cork flooring has Suberin, a natural property that makes it resistant to insects, molds and mites. Aside from this, Suberin also protects cork floors from rotting when they get wet. Moreover, Suberin makes cork flooring relatively fire resistant. In extreme fires and they do burn, cork floors do not release any toxic fumes. These qualities make cork floors safe for everybody in the household including pets!

Strong and Easy to Clean

Long before cork floors were used in homes, they have been used in many high foot traffic places like churches and commercial establishments. This means that cork floors can withstand much abuse. When used in homes that have much less foot traffic, they can last a very long time. Aside from being durable, cork floors are also easy to maintain. A damp mop will always do the job perfectly.

When you are out looking at different flooring materials, make sure to check out cork. For all the benefits that it has, cork flooring might actually be the best choice.

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The Advantages of Choosing Vinyl Flooring

In the modern world where a wide assortment of materials has been made, vinyl flooring has been surprisingly overlooked. There are many base materials for floors such as plain concrete, tongue and groove wood, wood parquet, marble, and of course carpet which seems to be one of the most popular. Vinyl flooring, however, has many unsung qualities that make it a really good flooring material choice.

Flexibility in Design 

One of the biggest advantages of vinyl flooring is the variety of designs and colors it comes in. Almost all colors are available virtually anywhere because vinyl is a commonly manufactured material. Not only is vinyl available in almost all colors, there vinyl flooring available in patterns and even images.

There are some vinyl types that can be purchased in stripes, diamond shaped patterns, plaid, wood grain, swirls, and more. There are even those that come in repeated patterns such as clouds, nature elements, goldfish, and look-alike flooring material such as Italian marble and more.

Easy to Clean

For areas such as the kitchen, the pantry, the coffee room, cafeteria, and even the bathroom, vinyl can be a good flooring choice. Vinyl flooring, unlike carpet flooring or other porous material can be cleaned simply by mopping, sweeping, or just by wiping with a damp cloth. Drink and food spills do not seep in, and splashes from a sink or cooking counter can also be cleaned in similar fashion.

For areas immediately next to the kitchen door or the front door, vinyl flooring is good for cleaning up tracked in mud from outside. Also, unlike carpet, vinyl flooring will not retain most smells provided that it is cleaned soon after the spill.

Two Types of Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring comes in two basic forms: sheet and tile. Vinyl flooring that comes in sheets is very convenient even for “do-it-yourself” installation. It is only a matter of properly measuring the area to be covered and then buying a sheet that can accommodate the total area.

The simple next step is to cut it out with a sharp cutter according to the shape of the area. Once properly cut, what remains is simply to lay it down over the floor. Some choose to use contact adhesive to keep it in place while some just let it flatten out over time.

The other type of vinyl flooring comes in tiles. To know how many tiles are needed, simply measure the total area and then divide it by the size of each tile.  One of the advantages of using vinyl tiles is that they can be mixed up in a variety of patterns. For creative people, they can make their own design patterns by using several colors of tiles for one area. Border designs can be done, shapes, or even chessboard patterns.

Easy to Use

When properly thought out, vinyl flooring is actually a good choice. It may be used even by non-professionals which minimizes cost and time spent installing. Compared to other materials, vinyl flooring is nice and easy to use. It looks good too!

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