Ecologically Friendly. Green Floor Cleaning Products

Eco-Friendly Floor Cleaning Products

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If you spend any time in the cleaning supply aisle of the supermarket you will be aware of the vast array of harsh, toxic, convoluted chemical cleansers that are available. Concocted in a lab using a variety of unnatural substances, these cleansers can fill your home with toxic fumes, killing germs while also leaving harmful residues behind that can contribute negatively to the wholesome health of the environment.

Luckily there are a variety of alternative natural, and eco friendly cleaning products, which have been used by people for centuries to get their floors sparkling clean. These will often comprise startlingly simple ingredients which you may already have in your home. The important thing is to use the right solution for the type of flooring that you are trying to get clean.

Basic Green Floor Cleaning Solution


One gallon of warm to hot water.

⅛ cup clear liquid dish soap.

⅛ cup white vinegar

Optional: 10 drops of the essential oil of your choice.

This is a basic recipe for a floor cleanser that can be applied to most solid surface floors including tiles, sheets, and strips. The vinegar is actually a powerful disinfectant. that can kill germs and bacteria on touch. The liquid dish soap will reinforce this effect, while also making it easier to slide stains from the floor. The water dilutes the mix so that you don’t end up with streaks, and the essential oils allow you to add an enticing aroma to the air.

These ingredients can be used in different proportions to achieve different results. Vinegar can be used in lieu of dish soap, and vice versa, to create a less powerful cleanser. You can also use less water to create a more concentrated solution which will be more effective against set in stains, but which may need to be washed away later with clean water.

The solution is generally mixed in a bucket, and then applied to the floor with a mop. In some cases a sponge or a clean cloth can be used to apply more concerted effort towards a single location.

Organic Mops

If you want to be eco-friendly then you should avoid purchasing mops which are made from synthetic materials. This usually includes sponges and plastic based models which use dyes, as well as any model that advertises “antimicrobial properties.”A good alternative are cellulose mops which are made from biodegradable plant based fibers. These are quite effective, and yet can still be easily broken back down into the environment when they are finished with their use.

When you are done cleaning your floor. it is important to also wash out the mop strands so that they do not become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. With microfiber mops the strands can often be removed and machine washed after each use. Otherwise, simply dipping the mop in a solution of clean water mixed with white vinegar should be enough to disinfect it

Those who are serious about going green with every detail may also want to look into eco-friendly buckets. These will be models built using recycled materials, usually stainless steel, or some kind of industrial recycled rubber.

Eco-Friendly Green Carpet Cleaning

Method One


Teaspoon Translucent Dish Washing Detergent

Ecologically Friendly. Green Floor Cleaning Products

1 Cup Lukewarm Water

You want to make sure that you use a translucent cleaning detergent so that dyes do not leave stains in the carpets fibers.

Method Two


1 Cup Of Vinegar

2 Cups Of Lukewarm Water

Vinegar is one of the most powerful natural cleansing agents available. When diluted in a solution of one part vinegar to two parts water it can be used to effectively disinfect stains that may occur in carpet fibres. This method isn’t great for masking odors, but it will effectively clean the carpet fibers.

Vinegar can also be combined with clear dish detergent to create an even more effective cleansing agent.

Instructions: Mix the ingredients in an eco-friendly recycled material bucket. Then use a clean white cloth to dab the stained area. You never want to pour the mixture on, or immerse the rug, and any excess moisture should be wiped up immediately.

Eco-Friendly Steam Cleaning

A steam cleaner is a device that uses super heated water vapor to clean and disinfect surfaces. It is particularly effective on carpets, because they are able to break down and remove deep, set in stains. These machines use very little water, and are able to effectively sanitize carpeting which can help improve the indoor air quality of a room.

If a vacuum is used to clean the carpet then a bagless model should be used to cut down on waste materials. You can also purchase vacuums which are rated with the energy star seal of eco-friendly efficiency.

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