DIY Concrete Floor Painting Faux Finish How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

DIY Concrete Floor Painting Faux Finish How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

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Trisha Simmons: My current project that seems to be zapping my time and energy. I really hope mine turns out as fantastic as this lady’s. Without the stenciling of course cause it is for my barroom (i.e. future brewery). D 

Shana Frye: Hi, did you have any spots of drywall mud, adhesive, or mortar mix or anything that needed scrapping off?

DJ Allen: On the glaze part, do you just follow directions on the can or did you do it different? That’s the part I’m a bit worried about. ) Thanks if you can give me some direction there. Going into day 3 on this project. )

Green Power Farm: Great video & great job you did. My wife and I are attempting to try to copy your work over at a duplex on video. we are on day 3 of scraping & priming. lol.

Franko S.: Great! Thank you!

dreamweaver822: i know its been years but do you remember how long this DIY job took? I have pets but would relocate them for a week or so if i could get something like this done at my house. i’ve tiled some rooms but i actually think i prefer my bare floors! Just not in boring grey. Good Work!

dkm1268: what brand of paint and primer did you use. how has it held up? durability?

jcmid2: We have removed carpet from the floor and there are the holes where the tack strips were. should we fill them before painting. Your floor looks great! thanks

BenevolentLaughter: @glamorouspooch really glad to hear the video has helped! yeah it isn’t as hard as it looks. and it has held up very well. this was done over a year ago and still looks brand new. thanks so much for you feedback and good luck on finishing your floor. =]

stereomaster279: What kind of paint and tools did you use. )

jcmid2: thanks for your reply; I’m gonna try painting my living room floor as soon as I can and will let you know how it turns out. Thanks for great directions

glamorouspooch: Thank you so very much for posting this video. I have to say that when considering flooring options to replace our carpet Lowes was incredibly ignorant about painting the concrete floor. After watching this, my daughter and I began several trips to our local Ace store and began the process. It honestly is not as time consuming as I believed and the floor looks amazing so far!

BenevolentLaughter: @jcmid2 How is the floor project coming along? Any more advice we can offer?

Cathy Foley: Hey. Any idea how much glaze is needed for a 12′ x 12′ room?

h0llYD0lliE: wow that looks great.

BenevolentLaughter: lol i don’t like sugarland either but this was my mom’s project and she’s a big fan :]

Ginger Dodson: How is the floor wearing? How easy is it to mop and sweep after the paint has worn some? She did a great job! I want to do mine but I wanna know how easy they are to maintain. Thanks for your help!

annabirdy2: Stunning! Thank you so much for posting this and giving me inspiration!

tsjazzy22: How many days did the whole process take?

Drew Paulson: I did something very similar with border and all. The only difference is that I went over bare concrete rather than put a latex primer down. I really liked what you did with the mop and that second layer of glaze+slight color. Good job, it looks great!

BenevolentLaughter: @phazen93 i’ll let her know you liked it. ]

David Gurney: Does anyone know the ratio of glazing liquid to darker and base color she used. After seeing this video I am in the middle transforming our concrete floors!

dropdeadlegstoo: Incredibly beautiful! The stenciling and border make this technique truly special.

BenevolentLaughter: she will be happy to hear that! my mom worked really hard on it :]

BenevolentLaughter: @dkm1268 the paint/primer brands were Ace Royal Exterior latex paint and Quikrete sealer for painted concrete. it has held up wonderfully and has no wear on it at all after about a year of daily wear.

BenevolentLaughter: @theashleebrookee yeah it took her a while to get it done but she loves it! it was for her hair salon which is now up and running and she got a lot of compliments on it!

cheddar: I just bought a home with 20 year old carpet- eegads! pulled it up, mostly concrete- I will try this! and. by the way. I think the music is wonderful =)

rudyallisonisfloofy9: so it turned out beautifully but I’ll admit I had to watch w/ no sound. Sugarland? Really? I had my country phase and now Im not such a fan of the stuff. at all.

terriberrysworld: awesome! it looks amazing!

cacufoster: @BenevolentLaughter Thanks for posting this video! I’m following your mom’s instructions to the letter to faux finish my porch concrete floors. Can you please tell me which Quikrete sealer your mom used? I’ve found one called «Concrete & Masonry High Gloss Sealer» and another called «Wet Look High Gloss Sealer.» Neither of them say that it is for painted concrete floors (and the sales people didn’t now), so I am hoping you or your mom can recall which Quikrete sealer your mom used. Thanks!

canncanable: Many thanks to you and your mom for posting this. We just finished our floors and we love them. Great details throughout the video. We followed your instructions and it came out perfectly. Thanks again!

BenevolentLaughter: @jcmid2 we didn’t fill ours in, but it depends on if you want it to look really smooth or not. the primer would probably fill any little holes in, but we didn’t fix any imperfections in the floor before painting it.

javalen: beautiful job of painting but the music made me want to punch my mother in the face!

DIY Concrete Floor Painting Faux Finish How To Save Money And Do It Yourself!

BenevolentLaughter: Thank you! It was worth the hard work!

trashdaytheband: ok. what’s ‘darker glaze color’.

theashleebrookee: Wow. that’s gorgeous! Looks like marble or tile! Great job

tisumvietnamese: @benevolentlaughter That looks great. May I ask how the latex paint is holding up overtime?

annabirdy2: Stunning! Thank you so much for posting this and giving me inspiration!

phazen93: impressive

Susan Siren: When you say ‘Push’, what do you mean? I am not a crafty person-need all the help I can get. )

Al Thomson: thank you for sharing

aemooredk: I have pulled up the carpet in my daughter’s room and want to paint the floor. What did you use to patch the little holes form the nails that held down the tack strips?

LVJ: I appreciate this video. I am doing the same thing starting in my closet. If that goes well I will continue throughout the entire house. Thank you for the tips! I’ll let you know how it goes.

marnegibbs: That was amazing! I have been debating on what to do with my, already painted concrete floor. I love it, but it just looked so unfinished, and the final clear coat that was put on it, turned it yellow in some spots! The border was the «finish» I was looking for! This video gave me some new ideas! Thank you so much for sharing.

theashleebrookee: Well good! I can tell ther was a lot of effort put in to make it look that good.


Papitou77: Yes, I was going to ask who the singer/band is, too.

trashdaytheband: ok. what’s TSP??

Bonnie Lou: May I please have the name of this song and artist. I LOVE THIS SONG.

BenevolentLaughter: @marnegibbs Sorry for the tardiness of my reply! I could’ve sworn I replied to this but I am purging my inbox and saw the email notification for it and realized I hadn’t! Sorry about that. How is your border coming along? Let me know if you need any help and thanks for watching. =]

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