Ceramic, Porcelain & Glass Tile Flooring from Walls, Floors & More, Pittsburghs One-Stop Home

Ceramic, Porcelain & Glass Tile Flooring from Walls, Floors & More, Pittsburghs One-Stop Home

Ceramic, Porcelain, and Glass Tile: An Explosion of New Styles, Forms, Colors, and Designs

Our tiles start at .99/square foot and are all first quality

—no “builder’s grade”!

Ceramic tile has been used for over 4,000 years as a durable and beautiful surface for both homes and public spaces. However, the last 15 years have seen an explosion of new styles, forms, colors, and designs. Todays consumer has more choices than ever, from all over the globe—and Walls, Floors, & More has one of the largest and broadest selections in the Tri-State area.

A sampling of the brand names we offer are ADEX, Arpa, Azulev, Ceramic Expressions, Ceromere Cerdomus, Crossville, Dal Tile, Decor Tile, Dune, Edilgres, Emiliane, Florida Tile, Geometrics, Ilva, Italgres, Keramia, Lauflin, Oceana, Pamesa Ceramica, Portobello, Questech, Ricchetti, Tena, Solomi, StoneArt, Tres Estillos, Tesoro, US Ceramic Co. and Villeroy + Bach.

Our selection of man-made floor tiles includes:

  • ceramic tilesglazed and unglazed
  • mosiacs
  • porcelain tiles
  • glass tiles
  • metal tiles
  • decorative accent tiles & listellos
  • custom colored tiles & liners

We also carry the following natural stone tiles: granite, slates, onyx, travertine. limestone and marble.

Our tiles are available in a variety of sizes. from 1 mosaics all the way up to panels that are 20 x 40.

A common misconception is that a smaller tiles work better in a small room. While smaller tiles are a better choice for rooms with uneven floor surfaces (such as a laundry room with a drain), larger tiles actually open up a room and make it appear bigger.

Another common myth is that larger tiles, such as floor tiles, cannot be used on walls. Again, unless there is an uneven wall behind it, floor tiles can make a beautiful design on wallsas a backsplash, wainscoting, or as shower walls. Wall tiles generally should not be used on floors unless it is specifically rated for them, as floor tiles use a special glaze that is more scratch-resistant.

While tiles are durable and easy to clean, the grout hasnt always been. We feature SpectraLock grout, a permanently sealed grout that is stainproof and never needs re-sealing. While the initial cost is higher than traditional grout, the savings in grout sealer and time spent cleaning grout makes this a worthwhile feature.

Many of our tiles come coordinated as a suite to make selection easier. These tile suites typically have both a wall and complementary floor tile, as well as decorative accent tiles and many trim pieces. However, whether you choose a tile suite or just find one you love, our experienced and helpful decorators can help you pull it all together; all the wall, floor, and even counter tiles you need to complement your entire room.

For additional comfort underfoot, try adding a radiant heat pad underneath the tileno cold bathroom floor. Radiant heat from Nu-Heat provides constant, gentle heat and can be adjusted with either a manual or programmable thermostat, and may draw less electricity than a refrigerator lighbulb. Nu-heat is installed just under the tile, using the same thinset adhesive that is used to set the tile, offers a 25 year warranty, and is UL listed. And, since heat rises, youll find you can set your room thermostat a little lower in the winter months.

Whether you’re looking for something simple, or want to create a one-of-a-kind project, talk to us. We have access to thousands of products and can help you design your dream!

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