Asbestos Tile Removal Cost

Asbestos Tile Removal Cost

Asbestos Tile Removal Cost

You cannot expect asbestos tile removal costs to be modest. Although it might be a consolation that amongst asbestos removal projects, that will be the cheapest. Read on to find out more.

With a lot of information being passed around related to asbestos and its harmful effects, many people are getting conscious about asbestos exposure at home. Yes, this might be a bit scary but your floor tiles, the air and heat ducts, some electrical appliances and a few other things in your home might have asbestos. Till it is not disturbed and tiny fibers of asbestos are not released into air, it wouldn’t pose a serious problem. The real threat can occur if these fibers are tampered within an improper manner. For avoiding that, the best bet is to get professionals to do it. If you were pondering about cost of asbestos tile removal, here is just what you may find useful.

Cost of Removing Asbestos Tile

The asbestos removal process can get really painful and tedious than the actual cost. The cost of asbestos removal, to begin with, might be in the range of around $400, per hour. It can be even less in a few cases. But when you are talking about a particular thing like tiles in your home having asbestos to be removed, the rates can even go as high as $5,000. It may even rise and it also can happen that you have to pay more for a minor job. The cost per square foot can go up to $2. Considering that, complete removal work, in case there is a high asbestos exposure in the home and asbestos is found everywhere, the costs can go as high as $20,000. Well, needless to say, it can go even beyond that (I told you, it is going to cost you!). Oh but don’t worry, in most cases, there wouldn’t be asbestos hiding all around your house and you would not have to pay that much! It will be in the hands of the contractors and those who do the inspection. The costs will have to include the inspection charges as well.

These were the rough estimates of asbestos tile removal cost. Moreover, there several variables which can drastically bring down or increase the cost of asbestos floor tile removal. What are these factors? Coming up!

Cost Factors

As mentioned earlier, there is no single rate for removing asbestos tiles, it differs on account of these factors.


Which part of the globe are you and even within a country which region are you located in, makes a huge difference to the cost. As the cost of living too, is not the same everywhere. That can affect the tile removal cost.

Time of the Year

Asbestos Tile Removal Cost

I don’t need to tell you that anything concerning even remotely with home improvement, like asbestos tile removal can get expensive during the festive season. The contractors are in a festive frenzy and will tell you to pay them an outrageous price if you want to get the work done urgently. Off season is the best time to do such things.

The Extent of Removal

How much has to be removed also affects the cost. Smaller and precarious sections can sometimes cost more than bulk jobs.

When you know you have to deal with the tiles, there is no confusion or ambiguity. But when you are analyzing or getting the potential asbestos exposed things in your home to be removed, what type of material is removed also matters. Spray over plaster asbestos tile removal can turn out to be really expensive. Having different people inspecting and actually doing the removal too can affect the cost by bringing it down.

You can consider getting rid of asbestos tiles yourself, though that may not be an exactly wise thing to do, according to experts. Good luck!

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