Affordable Flooring Ideas;travertine Tile

Affordable Flooring Ideas;travertine Tile

Affordable Flooring Ideas;travertine Tile

Advantages of using Travertine Tile flooring;r

Rectified ; All travertine tiles are rectified which you can install with hair-line grout joints. this is almost close to NO GROUT line..this gives your floor a solid stone look without grout we all know, grout lines make the floor dirty not the flooring material. Using travertine tiles will give you a natural beautiful floor minimal grout lines.unsanded grout recommended.

Affordable; travertine tile pricing starting from $1.99/sqft. It is as affordable as it is better alternative to ceramic or porcelain floor and hardwood floors.

natural;  unlike porcelain andceramic it does have variation and this variation will make your floor totally different than others. there is no stone of the natural stone comes from natural variation. unlike ceramic or porcelain tiles, when they are not glazed therefore even you drop something and chipped the tile. you will not see a red or white baked will see same color what you have seen on surface.

Stronger;   travertine is 100% natural stone and cut from quarries in Turkey. Travertine tile are stronger than man-made porcelain or porcelain.

less maintenance ;after installation, it should be sealed with natural stone sealer. using a good quality sealer will help to protect your floor for longer period.Cleaning, warm water and hand soap are all you need to clean your chemicals with acid should be used for your natural flooring.Travertine is much more harder than limestone and marble tiles.Therefore it is ideal for high traffic areas, commercial buildings, homes and outdoor living areas.

Availibility ; it is readily available in the US.As Stone-Mart ,we do keep over million sqft material in stock available in our Tampa Warehouses. We can ship anywhere in the US with factory direct prices. Stone-Mart represents travertine quarries from Turkey. Our mission to provide high quality travertine tile and travertine pavers with affordable prices to US consumers.

Installation ;straight edge filled honed materials should be installed with mud-set.this give you a flat surface for your home flooring without lipages. unfilled-brushed chiseled edge materials can be thin-set which will lower your installation cost to ceramic tile installation cost.chiseled edges will forgive the lipages.Therefore chiseled edge travertine tile materials are ideal for homeowners and contractors who wants to upgrade their home to natural stone without increasing their installation can have travertine floor at the price of porcelain or hardwood flooring. Contact us to learn how to fit travertine tile into your budget.

Our mission; Stone-Mart Marble Group has been serving to US consumers since 2003. Our mission is to bring high quality travertine, marble tiles and pavers to US consumers with affordable prices. Our warehouses in Tampa,florida have over million sqft in stock and we do ship anywhere in the US with very competitive freight rates.Please contact us to get more information about travertine, how to install, design ideas, and our unbelievable prices.We are looking forward to serving you.Our email is  or call us 813-885-6900.

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