Why Hardwood Hardwood Flooring and Installation in Toronto and Markham 800-263-6363

Why Hardwood Hardwood Flooring and Installation in Toronto and Markham 800-263-6363

Why Hardwood?

When looking for flooring solutions for your home, cottage or business, it is important to make the best decision and purchase a product that will truly suit your needs and satisfy you for the many years the flooring will be in your family. In purchasing hardwood flooring you are not simply laying down a ground cover — you are bringing a beautiful and natural product into your life that for centuries has been cherished for its aesthetic appeal that is both functional and long lasting.

Natural Beauty

Flip through any design or housing magazine and see that hardwood flooring is the sole choice of designers to accentuate the allure of the room. Whether you are looking to add flooring to your home, office, gallery, restaurant, or even in a grand ballroom hardwood flooring is the best choice. Living with hardwood flooring day after day is a chance to bring natural luxury into your life.

Better Quality, Lower Prices

You may be wondering what has changed about hardwood flooring over the years. The great news is the quality has improved with the refining processes of the wood. New technology has eased the costs and time put into production of flooring which means that the cost has gone down. Hardwood flooring is available in every price range to suit everyone from the bargain shopper to someone with the most discriminating taste.

Health Benefits

Health benefits are also a factor for those considering hardwood flooring. Whereas carpets over the years gather mildew, mites, animal dander, dust and pollen beneath the surface that can cause respiratory problems and aggravate allergies, hardwood flooring has a very durable surface that is easy to clean and maintain. Properly maintained hardwood floors are extremely resistant to mildew and the other ails of carpets. Whether you suffer from asthma, or simply prefer to know that you are breathing in clean air, hardwood and laminated floors are the smart and healthy choice. In addition hardwood flooring provides easier accessibility for individuals in wheelchairs or using a walker.

It’s Hard

Why Hardwood Hardwood Flooring and Installation in Toronto and Markham 800-263-6363

A big concern when purchasing hardwood, is how hard it is. Hardwood flooring hardness is determined by the Janka Hardness Coefficient test. It measures the force required to embed a .444-inch steel ball to half its diameter into the wood. It is one of the known ways to test the ability and wear of hardwood flooring. The higher the number, the harder the species of wood.

Solid hardwood (not engineered) floors, are one piece of solid wood from top to bottom. They generally are 3/4″ thick, however also come in 5/16″ thickness as well 3/8″. The most commonly recognized width is 2 1/4″ strip flooring, but also comes in sizes from 1 1/2″ strips to 7″ wide planks. Lengths will be random from 12″ — 96” long. Custom Milled solid hardwood flooring can also be milled to your specifications and usually comes in long lengths up to 14’ — 16’ foot long. Solid strip or plank floors can only be installed with the Nail or Staple Down procedure on a wooden sub-floor.

Part of the difference between 3/4″ solid wood floors and most engineered wood floors is how the wood is cut from the tree. The 3/4″ solid wood planks are cut (sliced) lengthwise to the log. While most engineered type wood flooring is rotary cut using a razor sharp blade into veneer sheets of up to 1/8” thick that are later glued and pressed to the top of a plywood type substrate for stability and strength.

The New Satin Finish «Multi-plank» engineered flooring is sliced, like the solid flooring, to give it the thickest wear surface of all engineered floors. Solid hardwood flooring is also available in either plain sawn which is most common, and quartersawn which usually has to be special ordered.

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