Tips For Choosing The Best Hardwood Floors For Your House Or OfficeRetail Space Paddock Flooring

Tips For Choosing The Best Hardwood Floors For Your House Or OfficeRetail Space Paddock Flooring

Tips For Choosing The Best Hardwood Floors For Your House Or Office/Retail Space

Choosing the best hardwood flooring for your house is not an easy task, as everyone would tell you who had to go through that experience.  It can be quite an overwhelming process: choice of colors, choice of wood types, choice of finish, and lighting effects, etc.

It is true, that the personal preferences are very important and eventually tilt your decision one way or the other but there are many things to consider when choosing the best hardwood flooring for your house or office or retail space.

One reliable way to choose the best hardwood flooring is to take a step back and consider the space itself. Are you looking at the big picture? What kind of ambiance are you trying to create? How much light you have coming into the space itself before lighting, is it a hallway, or a low light space with little or no windows?

Once you have an idea what parameters you are working with, and what kind of final effect you want to accomplish, then you are ready to make some smart decisions in order to avoid a very costly expense of installing the wrong hardwood floors.

Heres a list of things we suggest that you consider when deciding on the best hardwood floors for your house or retail space:

Probably the most important factor to consider is the size of the space you are wanting to install hardwood floors in. The almost dictates many aspects of your final decision. You need to consider the overall dimensions, the height of the space, the level of the ceiling, the color of the walls, the color of the doors and windows, the lighting fixture that the room or space has already fixed to the walls or the ceiling (unless you choose to remove those).

Next, you would need to consider what furniture you are going to have in the space after the hardwood floors are installed. The furnishings obviously is very important for the final results you are aiming at. You need to consider whether the furniture is meant to compliment the color of the hardwood floors or contrast it and this is where opinion of interior decorators can be extremely useful if you feel you do not already possess the skill to and the eye to visualize the final result before you can started.

Samples of flooring hardwood pieces that you can obtain from a showroom are an excellent way to visualize what the final result would look like. You can obtain these samples and leave it on the floor while looking at it from every angle and leave it by your sofa or coffee table or plants and then decide how they would look when the project is all done.

Tips For Choosing The Best Hardwood Floors For Your House Or OfficeRetail Space Paddock Flooring

Consider who will be using the space. Children use the space to crawl under and use for all their toys and you will need a higher quality (stronger) wood and retail space may have high traffic and a salsa dance studio needs  space where women with high pointy hills with a non-slip nail at the bottom of the shoes may damage soft wood floors. Also consider alcohol may be spelt over the hardwood floors during its use. These are all things that you can consider while making a decision.

There is always the smart advice that for smaller rooms or hallways or small bathrooms (if you want to install hardwood floors instead of luxury vinyl or tiles), then it would be smarter to go for lighter color hardwood floors.  Lighter color hardwood flooring will make a smaller space looker more spacious.

For more character you can always go for a walnut or mahogany or even natural jatoba hardwood floors that give an amazing character to a space.

If you have any questions regarding your upcoming hardwood flooring project, give us call. We would happy to come and meet with you and bring you some samples to look at. We can also give you tell you about our various projects for the last 15 years. You may find our experience quite valuable to help you make the best decision for your flooring project.

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