Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber Floor Tiles

Rubber Flooring Tiles: The Trendier and Safer Choice

Today, rubber flooring tiles have become quite popular among homeowners and business owners alike, before the only industry that used this kind of flooring were industrial plants and some commercial buildings. This type of flooring selection has become quite popular among interior designers and other design experts because it serves three important purposes for everyone, namely: Variation, Safety, Durability as well as being Eco-friendly.


Rubber flooring tile come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and designs so there is a wide array of choices that will surely fit individual needs and preferences. These come in both indoor and outdoor tiles, so there are definitely different kinds of options for you — if you are more of a minimalist you can choose solid color palettes, but if you prefer to be more diverse and fun you can use different combinations of colors and patterns to add a twist to the design. There are also different kinds of surfaces to choose from, depending on where you are going to place these tiles, if you are using it as flooring for home use then smooth surfaced tiles will be the best choice, while the round stud and diamond grip surfaces are used for commercial establishments. These tiles have varying prices as well and are greatly dependent on thickness, size, design and the manufacturer.


The most important factor why these rubber tiles are used widely by everyone is because of the safety features it has, corrugated or studded rubber tiles are usually placed in areas where accidents are prone to happen such as areas where wet floors are very common like the bathroom and the kitchen. Since these tiles have better friction, they help prevent slippage in kids play areas, gym, and elderly care facilities.


These products are very sturdy since they have resilient features like being burn proof, hence the reason why they are used in industrial facilities and if they are high quality basement floor tiles they can last for more than 10 years even with little maintenance.


Everything man made does not have to be harmful to the environment, the modern rubber tiles are made from recycled materials and are now biodegradable and are not harmful to the environment, the cutting down of rubber trees are also reduced.

You can also save money on shipping costs since there are manufacturer that offer free shipment when you order tiles in bulk, some may include free installation to your home or establishment. There are different ways to set up the rubber flooring, and there are even ways for you to do it yourself but it would be better for professionals to do it especially when it needs to be installed in larger areas.

Rubber Floor Tiles: A More Modern Yet Durable and All-Weather Option

In this contemporary period, one of the most commonly taken advantage yet remains unnoticed are the rubbers which in turn has become an enduring and remarkable way of ornamentation when it comes to the shapes of the rubber floor tiles. This kind of tiles will certainly assist you to effectively enhance your design in the roof balcony with a more contemporary appearance and charisma. The outcomes acquired are outstandingly improbable and unreal, in addition, it has a whole heap of benefits to offer compared to the common types of tiles. Since they are extremely easily to install and are highly supple, you can definitely change and adjust their placements easily without having to destroy anything. You definitely have the freedom to hire for a specialist designer so as to make certain that you will acquire the appearance that you have always wanted.

What are the special characteristics of rubber floor tiles?

And also, once you have taken part in buying the rubber flooring tiles, it means that you have also taken part in conserving the Mother Earth. This form of tiles basically came from the used old car tires and are reconditioned during the process. One of the most usual types of rubbers that are usually utilized in generating the rubber floor tiles are IIR, SBR, PBR, NBR and EPDM. In spite of this, you must always make sure to only avail top rate rubber floor tiles even though they came from secondhand items. So as to ensure that you will never waste your money on rubber floor tiles that can easily be damaged, ensure to take advantage of the World Wide Web. Make sure to search for testimonials or review on these rubber floor tiles and choose which type offers the quality you have in mind.

Keep in mind that the manufacturers of the rubber floor tiles can customize the ingredients of the tiles in order to make sure that it is more durable and stylish. Moreover, these rubber floor tiles are managed mechanically and chemicals are then added into it so as to turn it into something that is able to withstand all climatic conditions as well as rough utilization. The treatments are:

These tiles are processed with chemicals such as sulfur in order to increase its mechanical advantages.

Basement floor tiles have a lot of several layers. The mechanical characteristics and thickness will depend on the layers. Make sure to opt for the thin rubber floor tiles if you are going to place it inside your home.

Is Rubber Flooring Made for Homes?

As far as flooring is concerned, rubber flooring is a practical choice for the household as it keeps the safety of the residents at a certainty compared to other house flooring out there. This is a great advantage but many home owners are still question if this is applicable to install inside a home. And the answer to that unending question is a big yes. If you dont try this for your own home then you definitely are making a mistake and you might just regret it soon.

For you to better understand, here is a list of the advantages of having rubber tiles or flooring in your homes:

Safety and protection from accidents or harm can be the best thing you can get from a house flooring and rubber flooring tile can give you that. Certain accidents happen where the most common one is slipping but these rubber tiles do not allow that at all because of the material it has. Because the flooring of the house is said to be the most used part of the house it tends to wear out easily but that is not the case with rubber flooring. Trade show organizers are known for their careful eye and attention to security and for rubber flooring to be their choice says a lot about the wonders it can do and just imagine if you have this for the entire of your house.

You can shout Hurrah because this is actually cheaper then most floor tiles most especially if you purchase from the whole sale retail stores.

Cleaning the rubber tiles are super easy that even your kids can do it. All you have to do is wipe it clean with a cloth with soap and water and you can start cleaning away. Its easy to clean and stays clean even for a long period of time as the material does not make germ build up possible at all.

For a family that consist of kids especially toddlers then you are providing them with the best safety protection possible. Parents are continuously busy with the daily schedules and they cant possibly babysit the children every second but with the basement flooring made with rubber they can somehow breathe knowing that their playful actions will not cause serious harm. And these rubber mats eliminates the possible injuries, sprains or broken bones that usually happens when kids play and goof around.

Rubber Floor Tiles

If you are particularly focused on the kind of look it can make to your interior design then dont worry much about that. Rubber flooring today is not your regular rubber design anymore as the new ones manufactured are hip, trendy and very much stylish so it can fit into modern houses.

What Is The Best Basement Flooring In Your Home?

This article is mostly focused on providing information on which basement flooring a property owner should use; if you are one of the individuals who cant make a solid decision, this article will probably be helpful. So if youre ready, lets begin.

Carpet — while it is true that these are not ideal floor for basements, it is still frequently used when making a renovation. It is ideal if you will choose carpet brands that have established its name in the market and used by many. However, when choosing such, it is ideal to make sure that it is very durable.  On the other hand, if you decide to make use of carpets, see to it that a cellulose underlayment will be installed on the basements rubber flooring before the actual carpet padding as well as carpet to prevent moisture from being present.  Carpets are great for sound absorbing that are usually found in basement such as HVACs turning off and on as well as water running down on drain pipes.

Engineered Flooring — this is one of the most ideal basement flooring due to the reason that it floats on the top of the foams underlayment.  The foam underlayment is a very important function for every basement due to its capability to lessen the unevenness in the basements floor. In addition to that, it also helps in minimizing the sound.  Due to the reason that engineered floorings are capable of floating on the underlayment of the floor, it can effectively breathe despite sudden change in the moisture level in the basement. The construction of this flooring is another benefit.  This flooring is not likely to twist or warp since it is made from several sheets of wood materials which can help with the stabilization of the floor.

Laminated Flooring — basically, this type of flooring as well as engineered flooring has got something similar which is that, it floats on an underlayment; however the distinction between the two is that, laminated flooring resembles vinyl floor or authentic woods as its based has core of wood with photographic resin layer. If you are considering making use of such, then you must be certain that your basement has low moisture since if moisture is high, these floors could delaminate once liquid gets in contact with it.

Painting the Basement Flooring — this will be a nice substitute for your basement flooring if you are on a tight budget.  This is usually an acceptable low end basement renovation project and it could be the most sensible thing to do in case there are high moisture degrees or occasional flood in your area.  You may create cool patterns or add couple of tones to make it look fancier.

Why You Need To Choose Rubber Floor Tiles For Your Home

Rubber floor tiles is gradually becoming the first choice floor tile of home owners and business owners to be installed in their business venues and home floors, most business owners pick this type of floor tiles especially the gym owners because they can easily save their floors from the damage of lifting and dropping weights to their gym floor. Rubber floor tiles are now mostly made up of a good combination of natural and synthetic rubber which equals in a much better modern rubber tiles for daily use in hospitals, offices schools and other public buildings apart from using it in the home and gyms.

A good point to be noticed in choosing rubber floor tiles is that they are also made up of recycled rubber which was pointed in the top are synthetic component in creating rubber floor tiles, it is good for the environment because it recycles used tires and also make the production of these floor tiling lesser environmentally toxic to the earth. A great type of rubber that rubber floor manufacturers can choose and consumers can look up to is the EPDM rubber because it does not have a bad odor which can be harmful to the body, it can also resist the harmful effect of ultraviolet rays for the rest of its lifespan and also another great feature of this good type of rubber is that it does not dispense any black carbon when used for years and years in offices and buildings and also homes.

Buying rubber floors is highly practical to use for most buildings because it can also reduce the noise that most floors can cause when people are walking on it daily, it is very good to be used in apartments and can cause less disturbances to the neighbors and renters in the apartment.

These rubber tile floors can also be easily cleaned and with no problems due to the spillage of certain sauces and other liquids that can leave certain stains to floors, using a rubber floor tile you can just easily mop it all off the floor and it will always be in pristine condition when they cleaned thoroughly and can be ideally installed in the kitchen and the childrens playroom where most liquid spilling occurs in most homes.

One of the best feature of these great rubber floor tiles is that they are very cheap when bought in various tiles for use in homes and buildings, even much more cheaper are the recycled rubber floor tiles and with its durability and other great features and you can easily choose good ones and get a great bang for your buck in using rubber basement floor tiles .

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