Remodeling Pictures and Ideas to Remodel Your Home Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling Pictures and Ideas to Remodel Your Home Remodeling Ideas

How much will Window Replacement cost you?

It all comes down to a picture

If you’re brainstorming your next home remodeling project, you know the importance of a picture—a vision—in laying the groundwork for your plan. There is nothing more crucial than planning the layout. square footage, placement of fixtures and overall aesthetic of your new space. In fact, the remodels that turn out badly are the ones that were rushed, thrown together or poorly managed by the contractor. You can take charge of your remodel by first getting a picture of the work you’d like done.

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How do you bring your vision to reality? It all starts with an idea. It starts with browsing pictures of the remodel you’re interested in. From flooring options to window types and cabinet materials, the best way to visualize your new home is by mapping it out with pictures.

You can get started by browsing our Ideas Gallery below. On this page, you can view and save photos of every type of home remodel. For example, if you have a kitchen remodel in the works this year, you’re well aware that the job entails not only kitchen countertops. cabinets and appliances, but most likely a new kitchen design, upgraded flooring, track or pendant lighting, and maybe even a multifunctional kitchen island. You can find images of all of these fixtures and more in the Kitchen Remodeling gallery below.

Or, if you’re looking to boost your curb appeal, check out the House Painting Gallery. where you’ll see recent paint jobs that upgrade a home’s exterior, making it the head-turning envy of the neighborhood. You can also see how painted decks not only look better than unfinished types, but survive the elements with little maintenance over the years.

By doing your research here, you’ll get a good sense of how homeowners plan their remodels, including which countertops look best in which style kitchen or bathroom, how you can build a home addition that actually fits seamlessly with the existing home, what a truly successful basement remodel looks like (and how fun it is to have a bonus living space), and most importantly, how homeowners tie it all together to make one stylish yet transitional space.

Speaking of stylish home remodels, the importance of a well-recommended, competitively priced contractor cannot be overstated. You will find hundreds of contractors clamoring for your work, but with projects as expensive as window replacements, kitchen remodels or second-story additions, you want a contractor that comes with glowing recommendations. At CalFinder, our contractor referrals guarantee just that—quality work at a price you can afford. Get matched with a local contractor. and you’ll see the expertise of CalFinder’s own certified professionals. In fact, all of the pictures below are recent remodels completed by our own contractors—a testament to their phenomenal work and attention to detail.

The mark of a good contractor is their ability to listen. Think of your project planning this way—if you approach your contractor with nothing to bring to the brainstorming table, he or she has far too much say in the construction of your home. If, on the other hand, you lay out a list of items or fixtures you are interested in—such as granite or Corian countertops, hickory or maple cabinets, medium-finish hardwood floors, built-in shelving, and a few casement windows for extra light and fresh air—this not only ensures you get a space you’ll love for years to come, but it makes the contractor’s job of meeting your needs that much easier. Your contractor should want to sketch out your vision for you, and help you remodel the home you’ve always dreamed about.

Of course, nothing brings your ideas together quite as well as a photograph. Only a picture can perfectly describe the detail, work and time that go into a valuable remodeling investment. That said, it’s time to get browsing and fleshing out your own remodeling ideas. Scroll down, and you’ll find photos of complete remodeling projects from every angle of the home. When you’re finished, you can bring the whole picture together with extra information from the Remodeling Blog and Home Improvement Library. All home improvement topics from A-Z, including how to avoid the disasters of do-it-yourself remodeling, are easily searchable in the Library.

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