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Have you always thought of Seamless Stone Flooring as an outdoor product? Believe it or not, our highest growth area is indoor residential flooring. from basements and bathrooms to family rooms. The newest products are so incredible, they’re setting a new standard for indoor flooring that has even taken us by surprise. Learn more on our Residential Flooring page.

Did you know us as Futura Stone of Pittsburgh? Galaxy Stone better reflects who we are today. Our product, always the best on the market, has dramatically improved, and we have more products to offer than ever before. The Pittsburgh market has been so loyal and generous to us; the best ‘thanks’ we can give is to become the true champion of seamless stone flooring. You expect it. We’ve done it.

as never before

Barefoot is believing

Seamless stone flooring

Seamless Stone Flooring

  • Enjoy stunning varieties of seamless stone flooring, perfect for both Residential and Commercial flooring.
  • From elegant rich earth tones to colorful jeweled brilliance.
  • Natural stone installations with interior and exterior applications. See color samples.
  • For Commercial and Residential use.
  • Contact Us or visit our Galaxy Stone and Cosmic Carpet pages to learn more. Request a Free Quote .

We have the most experienced flooring trowelers in the business. Our growth to Galaxy Stone means the premium quality of our materials and our legendary customer service is now available in more exciting possibilities than ever before.

  • Our new Galaxy Stone formulation turns the ordinary home into the extraordinary home.
  • Cosmic Carpet takes hot to a whole new level, with striking commercial and high-end residential applications (logos and more emblazoned right in the flooring mix!)
  • Cosmic Carpet can be installed as a non-porous flooring on inside projects.
  • Resealing services.

What is Galaxy Stone?

Simply put, we offer highly durable, uniquely decorative coatings for concrete and many solid surfaces. From garages to game rooms, from poolside to public spaces, Galaxy Stone provides one of the most captivating and long-lasting (even in Pittsburgh weather) flooring alternatives available anywhere. Our natural stone installation flooring is both stunning and practical.

Your home is more than an expense; make it an elegant showplace! Let us show you how.

Why use Galaxy Stone?

  • 21 years of exceptional customer service by seamless stone flooring experts.
  • Better quality seamless stone flooring. Our products are made to last.
  • Pittsburghers serving Pittsburghers. No out-of-state bargain basement rip-offs here.

Aren�t there less expensive alternatives?

Yes. We are always being asked if we can fix them. Sorry, we can�t. That�s like asking us to fix your 1985 Yugo and make it run like a Mercedes. It�s not possible.

At Galaxy Stone, we do the work right the first time, with the highest quality materials and workmanship and with exceptional customer service and maintenance. You�ll love the results.

When you buy Galaxy Stone, my name and reputation are on the line. I’ve been serving the Pittsburgh area with seamless stone flooring for OVER 20 years. Our growth to Galaxy Stone is built on treating every customer right and on making every installation as perfect as it can be. Just give us a call. We have the right products to bring tremendous value and excitement back to flooring. What could be more amazing?

— Ross Citriniti, owner Galaxy Stone

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Galaxy Stone — Beautiful and Durable Epoxy and Natural Stone Coating for Concrete

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