Party Tent Buying Guide eBay

Party Tent Buying Guide eBay

Party Tent Buying Guide

A party tent is a great idea for that special birthday party, garden wedding, holiday celebration, or family picnic. It doesn’t matter whether the tent needs to provide cover for 10 people or 1,000 people, as there is a party tent available that is just the right size. Party tents vary greatly in price and quality, and buyers should carefully consider the construction materials of a tent before purchasing it. The stronger the tent, the more durable and sturdy it will be in various weather conditions. There are numerous party tent accessories and extras available, including tent walls, flooring, netting, and anchors that buyers can also choose to purchase.

Small party tents are available from many outdoor and gardening stores as well as some major department stores. For larger marquee style party tents, specialty party event stores sell a wide range of tents in various sizes. eBay also has an extensive selection of party tents in various sizes, types, and price ranges.

A sturdy and reliable party tent is necessary for any event, no matter how big or small. The size tent one needs often determines what type of tent is best. For a small, compact tent, a pop-up type may suit. For a large, marquee-style party tent, a tension tent will offer the stability and sturdiness necessary. There are four basic types of party tents available.

Pop-up Party Tent

Also referred to as instant canopies, pop — up party tents are convenient, inexpensive, and easy to use. These types of party tents are designed to be erected without any tools. Instead, they use accordion-style framing. They are lightweight, compact, and ideal for use in the garden, at the park, or at the beach. They tend to be smaller in size, and are used for more temporary coverage. Because they are lightweight, they are not the sturdiest type of tent in windy weather.

Pole Party Tent

Pole party tents are supported by a pole frame. Poles are located around the edge of the tent as well as several longer poles supporting the center of the tent. Each pole is tied into place. These types of party tents are often large in size, are relatively lightweight, and quite easy to set up. They are a cost effective option when one requires a large tent, able to hold a large number of people. Pole party tents do require a lot of ground to set up correctly, as they require tension ropes to keep the tent erect and in place. Another disadvantage of a pole tent is that the center poles can cause problems with visibility and placement of dance floors, tables, stages, and other items one wishes to place within the tent.

Tension Party Tent

Tension party tents are very similar to pole tents, except their center height is much greater than that of pole tents. They are often referred to as high peak tents. Tension tents can create a very dramatic effect, and are popular for weddings, formal events, and special business events. As with pole tents, tension tents are relatively lightweight, easy to construct, and require the use of perimeter poles and center poles. These types of tents are ideal for use in wet and windy weather. They offer more stability than other types of tent. They can be left erected for extended periods of time. Tension party tents are usually more expensive than pole tents.

Frame Party Tent

A frame party tent is one of the more expensive types of party tents available. It requires a metal tube frame as support and does not require any center pole, making it a flexible option over pole or tension tents. Because they don’t require any tension ropes to hold the tent in place, they don’t take up as much space to assemble. They can be used indoors as well as outdoors. Their metal frame makes these types of tents heavier than other types; they are more complex to construct; and they are limited in how large they can be. Frame party tents are limited to being 40 feet wide .

Party Tent Construction

Party tents are constructed with a variety of materials. Some materials are more durable than others, and construction material range significantly in price.

Roof Construction

Party Tent Buying Guide eBay

Most tent roofs are constructed of either polyester or vinyl. Polyester roofing is lightweight and relatively inexpensive. It is commonly used for pop-up tents and small frame or pole tents. Polyester party tents generally have some degree of water-resistance and durability. However, they range significantly in their level of durability. The thicker the polyester material, the more durable it will be. The thickness of the roofing material is measured in denier. The greater the denier number, the thicker the material.

Vinyl roof tents are more expensive and durable than polyester. They are also waterproof, rather than water-resistant. Vinyl roofs are used for large sized tents. They offer greater UV protection than polyester tents and can withstand harsher weather.

Pole Construction

There are two types of pole construction available, aluminum and steel construction. They differ in their weight and strength. Aluminum framed party tents are not as strong as steel framed tents, although they are more lightweight. They are ideal for small pop-up tents, as they can be easily transported.

Steel framed party tents are ideal for larger sized tents. They are strong and less likely to bend. Steel frames are more expensive than aluminum frames, and are also heavier. If choosing a steel frame, it is recommended to ensure the steel has an anti-corrosion coating.

Party Tent Size

Party tents range significantly in size. The size people require depends significantly on what type of event they are holding. Events that require seating for guests to eat a meal need more space than an event that will offer little seating or food. For special events, remember to take into account any added space needed for a dance floor, band, DJ, or catering table.

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