Low Cost Basement Finishing Ideas eHow

Low Cost Basement Finishing Ideas eHow


You can install drywall on almost any kind of basement wall, whether it is concrete block or stone. To install drywall use a strong liquid adhesive to attach strips of wood to the concrete or stone, and screw the drywall into the wood. Finish the job with some drywall tape, drywall mud and a quick sanding of the mud after it dries. Roll a coat of paint on the drywall for color, which is much less expensive and easier to do than building complete wall frames in your basement. Leave important areas such as pipes, utility gauges and electrical panes exposed or install access doors so you can get to those areas.


You can use basement paint to help create a living space to be proud of in your basement. Several kinds of concrete paint are available to use on your basement floor and your basement walls if you have a concrete block foundation. You can use a sponge painting technique with beige paint to make your walls look like they have stucco on them, or you can mix colors to make your floor look like it is made of marble. Use a primer coat or two on your basement concrete to make sure the paint dries properly.

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Low Cost Basement Finishing Ideas eHow

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