Kids’ Bedroom Flooring Ideas Best Home Design Ideas and Photos

Kids’ Bedroom Flooring Ideas Best Home Design Ideas and Photos

Kids’ Bedroom Flooring Ideas

Article by sarah james on May 26, 2013 under Bedroom category

A childs room is usually much more than just a place to sleep. Its often the center of a childs life and identity. Kids rooms typically have low to moderate traffic, and no matter what their age, children can give a bedroom floor a good workout, that’s why choosing kids’ bedroom flooring must be important aspect when we want to build a kid’s bedroom.

Kids Bedroom with Carpet Flooring

The kind of floor thats best for your childs bedroom depends more on your child than on any other factor. For active children, consider flooring thats easy to clean, with good durability and strong resistance to wear, spills and dirt. Also, look for surfaces smooth enough for play but with a non-slippery, non-abrasive finish. If style is important, consider a floor with neutral colors and patterns that can adjust to a new look every few years.

Common Kids’ Bedroom Flooring

There are some choices for kids’ bedroom flooring. however these three options are often chosen; carpet, laminate and vinyl.

Bedroom Flooring Idea for Kid

Many carpet flooring styles work well in childrens rooms. Particular favorites include textured plush, multi and berber made with nylon, olefin or blended fibers. They resist stains and dirt, and theyre soft enough for play.

Contemporary Kids Bedroom with Laminate Floors

A reason why some people suggest and choose laminate flooring because it is durable, resilient and easy to clean with excellent resistance to stains, dents and scratches. On other side some people prefer vinyl flooring for kids’ bedroom because it is highly durable and easy to clean and maintain. It also resists stains and soil.

Kids’ Bedroom Flooring: Gallery Ideas

First Idea: Bright Circles

Bright Circles

Dont think of beige as boring — think of it as a blank canvas. Look for geometric rugs in bright colors to punch up your bland carpet. If you cant settle on a hue, designer Holly Marsh suggest to start with a color or a toy that makes you feel happy. Youd be surprised how far that one element can take you.

Second Idea: Pack-Away Color

Pack Away Color

Bright colors are great for kids rooms, but if you cant make a commitment with new carpet, snag these soft tiles. Great for toddlers, these spongy pieces are easy to clean and they reduce the risk of dangerous falls. Best of all, you can pack them up and transport the color to any room in your home.

Third Idea: Bold Paint

Kids’ Bedroom Flooring Ideas Best Home Design Ideas and Photos

Bold Paint

If youre feeling brave, slather on a coat of color for an unforgettable floor. We love this bright green floor because its reminiscent of a grassy knoll. If youre going with a solid color, be smart about the decorative details you choose. Go with different shades and textures to balance out the room.

Fourth Idea: Soft Hardwood Tiles

Soft Hardwood Tiles

Hardwood floors are a great neutral palette for which to build gorgeous designs upon. Plus, theyre much easier to clean than carpet, a great feature for parents. However, they are — by definition — hard. That means higher risks for bumps and bruises for new crawlers. This great soft tile not only protects a baby from falls, but it also protects your hardwood floors without sacrificing that clean, simple design you love.

Fifth Idea: Starry Detail

Starry Detail

If youre going with carpet, choose something that can be both fun and flexible. While the starry detail makes this carpet appropriate for kids, it wouldnt be out of place in an office or guest room due to its rustic color palette.

Great bedroom design isnt just about furniture and walls; it starts on your floor. Add a creative touch to your kids room through choosing the best kids’ bedroom flooring and applying these smart and simple flooring ideas.

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