How to install laminate flooring guide

How to install laminate flooring guide

How to install your new laminate floor?

Hi every body

My name is Dan. I’m a project manager and learned a lot about flooring from my father. I’ve also installed floors my self in my home and make this knowledge available to you.

Before I come to the installation part, I like to remind you to spend your time into the evaluation and preparation part of your flooring project. You will spend here at least the same time as for your installation and it is as important as the proper assembling of your floor.

Why is that so important?

Your floor is costly and you usually not change it often. You mostly will have it for the next few years if not even decades. And if you don’t like it, you get bothered day by day with it.

So when you plan your floor, care to the following:

Think over if you want to use your floor as a design element ?

  • For example make rooms look wider or higher
  • Guide the eye with the floor structure to a point
  • Separate a room into different areas with the color of your new floor

What is the usage of your room and what are your comfort expectations?

  • According to that chose your material as stone, tile, wood, laminate or carpet
  • Laminate mostly has a harder surface but gives a cooler feeling then wood
  • Hardwood and engineered hardwood can be refurbished while laminate has to be replaced if it’s not only a little damaged or scratched.

Care your health and the environment when purchasing a product

  • The freshly cut edges of laminate can release an uncomfortable smell for weeks or even month. So care what substances are used for production. (for example laminate floors could contain Formaldehyde or other unhealthy chemicals)

When you decided your product, ask for a sample. Ideally in the size of about 5 to 10 square foot (about half to one square meter). Put it on different places of your room and see if it fits to your furniture and give you a great impression at different times of the day. Depending on the structure and color it can vary quiet a lot.

Start to install laminate floor

Now your material is ordered, the room emptied and the subfloor leveled, dry and clean you can start with your installation. It’s easy but hard work, because you’re mostly not used to work daylong on your knees.

  • Tools minimum you need for the floor installation are:





How to install laminate flooring guide

and depending on the type of the click system may be


wood block

puller piece.

  • Additionally if you have some obstacles or want to fix the mould with screws you need a drilling machine.
  • First you spread your panel packages over the room and let them acclimatize for about 48 hours. During this time you study the enclosed manufacturers installation manual.

    Then you measure the rooms length and wide and divide it through your panels wide respectively length. This is an important step to avoid to get too small pieces for the last row respectively the last board in the row. Depending on your result you need to cut the first row respectively panel smaller.

  • Now you can start working.

    Lay the moisture barrier on the subfloor and overlap the stripes about 20cm. On top of that lay the silencer. Your subfloor is now prepared for your floating floor. Check each panel you use for damages and start the first row with the groove looking to you. I prefer to cut the nose part, because then I need not such a thick mould.

  • Prepare the panels for your first row. click them together and push the row to the spacers (start in the left corner).

    Measure the left over distance to the wall and subtract the spacers thickness.

    Now cut the panel for the row. Holding the panel in the way that the teeth cut first into the visible surface will give you a nicer cut.

  • With the leftover piece you start the second row. Care that the board overlaps the previous rows connection at least one foot (about 30cm). This is necessary to strengthen the floor structure.

    To connect it with the previous row, lift it in an angle, fit the tongue in the groove and press it down. With a click it will fit together. The small side gape you usually need to knock tight. If you have a click system you need to click this first before you connect the long side. Again see your manufacturers manual for the exact step .

    Important: Check each panel serious if the connections are locked well together without gaps. If not knock them properly together using a wood block and a hammer.

    Then lay the third row the same way including the serious check. Based on the quality laying of the first three rows you can now lay row by row.

    Check each panel for damages, if properly locked and if the floor beneath is clean. It’s well worth the effort, having at the end a professionally laid floor. Check also from time to time if the spacers are still proper in place, specially if you did a few for and backs until you get the technique. All this checks will prevent you from redoing your floor.

    Coming to the last row you measure the gap and subtract the spacer thickness.

  • Congratulation your laminate floor is laid perfect and only need to be finished with the molding and transition pieces.

    • Depending on the kind of wall you can nail or screw the mold. I prefer the invisible screws, that’s why I’ve used a click system. Concerning the corners you can cut the angle or use a corner piece made of plastic.
    • The transitions are easy to place and used to cover the gap or altitude level to other floors material. You can do it either with metal, wood, laminate or sealant. All is looking nice and is easy to install.
    • Should you meet obstacles as heating pipes, wall corners, ceiling supports or doors, measure them exactly and transfer it to your panels. Leave also here an expansion gap of about a quarter inch. (approx. 8 to 10 mm)

    For more details and information

    download my picture illustrated step by step guide!

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    Thanks for your interest, have great success with your flooring project and enjoy your new floor the years to come. For more information about the install laminate floor project secrets subscribe to my newsletter mini guide .

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