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Harmonics Laminate Flooring in Questions Harmonics Laminate Flooring Blog

Harmonics Laminate Flooring in Questions

February 15th, 2010 | Uncategorized | No Comments

How many square feet come in the Harmonics Laminate Flooring packs at CostCo? I got the price per pack from calling (its not on the website), but they couldnt tell me how much square footage is actually in each pack.

Nope. No square foot price. I got the CostCo mailer, and it has an $8 coupon per pack (no limit).

rob s replied: Ok I do agree they don t have a pkg size any where on the web. it almost was a quest for awhile. I ve sold and installed many types of laminate s over the years and all I can tell you is most al of them come 18-21 s/f per box on average. The laminate that comes in the tile look will average 16/18s/f per box. Just curious, was there a s/f price given? If so dive that into the box price and you ll come up with the box s/f. Sorry I can t help other than that GL

papamoe replied: Do they not know how to to read the info is printed on the boxes.I guess they could not tell you how many boxes you needed ether.I think I would keep shopping.

Which site would have the best info on installing Harmonics Laminate Flooring? I lost the installation sheet, but have a pretty good idea of how it goes in. I just need to have a few specifics on tools and extra material, possibly, do pergo add-ones go with them, etc


fordman replied: Go back to the store where you bought the flooring, Im sure they have extra instruction sheets, especially from their installers.

Steven W replied: I agree with Fordman. That would be the first place Id go; and if they have no clue go to the manufacturer.

Steven Wolf

hickman1961 replied: if you have the box the flooring came in there should be a phone number on it you call them and they will send you new installation

stephenmwells replied: Wilsonart has a website that has a installation manual to view or download. Laminate is installed basically the same throughout the industry. Leave arpproximatly 3/8 inch exspansion around all walls. Undercut your door jambs for a clean look, make sure the floor is level within and 1/8 inch in a 10ft span or per 10ft span. Most all laminates now are the click together system, most insert by tilting at a 45 angle into the joint and pulling toward yourself as you bring the board down. kneeling on the previous installed floor. Tips, take a few cuts off a board to create 2 x 4 inch pieces of laminate to use as your spacers for your exspansion joint against the walls. Click together a staircase of cut boards as your starter section,usually a 1. 2. 3. 4 size boards then slide that assembled section against the corner of your starting wall. It will give you stability to continue the work. Remember this floor will exspand leave space around all cuts except doorjambs where it will have room underneath the jamb after you undercut it Good luck IM me if you need more assistance.

How well does laminate flooring stand up to usual wear and tear? We have 2 dogs and a 21 month old.

We are going to be installing it ourselves, it is the Harmonics Laminate flooring from Costco.

sweet_laurel replied: Dont cry on the floor. And dont cry when your dogs toenails tear up your Costco flooring.

anonymous100 replied: I hear laminate flooring is supposed to be more durable than real hardwood floor. If you drop something heavy on it, its very durable, and real hardwood would expand and contract depending on the weather, but lamnate will not do it, not to mention its a lot cheaper than hardwood floor. I think with 2 dogs and an infant, laminate floor should be fine. Theyre quite durable.

replied: It should do. Those are quite difficult to scratch. Its cheaper than hard wood and tile. Carpet isnt a good idea with dogs anyway. Its the choice I would go with.

mel s replied: I have it in our rental place, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The last tenants were filthy they had 2 dogs, 2-4 people and lots of messes. The second ones had a dog, a four year old, and a newborn. The floor has been down 2 years and it looks exactly the same. It is wonderful.

Ember replied: The floor does not age well colour wise. The most problems seem to be where the seams are, one side tends to raise itself up where it gets trampled on by many toes. The floor just does not look nice after a few years.

However you have a young child who is going to play on the floor (rather have them fall on laminate then tile or hardwood), drop things on the floor (cracked tile is the worst to fix) and 2 dogs that will tear apart hardwood in seconds.

I think based on your situation you are best to go with your choice as its easy to clean, easy to replace once your child ages, the selections available are huge and its not as expensive as the alternatives.

To keep the floors looking good, remember to clean and wax regualary and if problems arise with the floor, fix asap before additional damage occures.

O! and never write on the cement or wood underneath the floor with a black marker as it will acutally seep through the liminate floor and be visable to everyone that its 23.5 inches from here to there

Does the Harmonics flooring from Costco need underlayment pad? The laminate pieces already have about a 1.8 foam strip attached to the bottom side and I have bought moisture barrier plastic sheeting. Will it be necessary to get a high quality pad to avoid that hollow feeling of laminate floors?

Shane L replied: from when we put laminate floors in our house the people at the store said that if it had a backing on it already that it was not necessary to use a pad,but it couldnt hurt if you wanted to do a little extra.

Mike R replied: Ive been installing laminate for 4 years and the great thing about harmonic flooring is that it comes with the padding already attached to the bottom of the laminate which makes it easier to install, but both my fiance and i would say; even thou not completely necessary to go ahead and purchase and additional padding to make sure you do not hear such a hallow sound in your laminate flooring.

Can laminate floors installed on top of carpet. i want to keep the current carpet as a sound barrier? I live underneath the future laminate floor so i cant have the noise. I AM considering buying a costco/harmonics floor. are all laminatres created equal. can i go better on the durability? thanks

you can also leave a voice mail on my voice mail (206 984 5757)

Lana B replied: Well i know that you can install Purgo on top of carpet, but depending on what type of carpet you have, watch out! because sometimes the carpet will seem to push the purgo up in spots. its a real hassle.

replied: i have got laminate floors throughout my house i dont find them noisey at all i have underlay underneath them the are not noisey. but i dont think you can install them ontop of carpet

ELAINE C replied: NO. You cannot install a laminate floor on top of carpet. Even a relatively flat carpet is too thick for laminate to go on top of. It compresses too much when you walk on it and the laminate will come apart. There are sound barriers you can buy to eliminate a lot of the noise made especially for laminates. There is a wide range of quality in the laminates both in aesthetics and durability. Look for a brand called Quick Step, they are very good. Mohawk also makes some nicer ones.

T C replied: take the carpet off and leave the padding.

don n replied: No. The carpet would allow too much give when walking on the laminate floor. All laminates arent created equal. The price determines the durability. Usually the higher the price per square foot, the longer the warranty and the durability. This is true with any brand you go to.

sian c replied: i wouldnt the carpet might get mouldy u can buy underlay cheap enough from your local diy store.

Joseph J replied: No you had better not put it on top of carpet or carpet padding. The best noise sound barrier padding Ive seen is Floor Muffler padding. I would also consider either an Armstrong or Pergo or Quick Step laminate.Hope that helped

Laminate Floor Squeaking? Hi,

I have just installed Harmonic laminate floor with recommended underlayment for my living room, dining room and kitchen. I did as instructed (not overlap underlayment, leave gap around edge of wall) The floor looks flawless and nice but is has squeaking noise when I walk on it and it happens in different places. If I jump on it couple time where it made the noise, then the noise disappears when I try to walk on it right after that. If I come back few minutes later walking on it, it has the squeaking noise again. I prepared the subfloor (concrete) as much as possible and it was not that uneven at all. Any suggestion or advice on how to get rid of the squeaking noise is greatly appreciated as I am about to replace it back to carpet again if there is no other way.

uzurhead replied: That is normal and you will find that the floor will open slightly in the seams and close back up again throughout the year. Our floor sqeaks or crackles quite a bit after it is washed and once it is dry the noise subsides.

You did a great job!

Its all good!

Laminate floor has disturbing squeaking noise. Need help. I have finished installing the Harmonic laminate wood floor bought from costco for my family room and it has a squeaking noise when we walk on it (at certain spots). We used the underlayment (looks and feel low quality) that Harmonic required in order for them to honor the warranty. I ripped out the carpet and installed those laminates on the concrete subfloor. The subfloor is not quite even or level at certain places and none of the floor is leveled anyway. I am not sure the problem because of uneven floor or the laminate itself. I plan to do another room as well but afraid that it will make this crazy wood squeaking noise again. What can I do to level the floor and how? should I put double underlayment where its needed? Any suggestion or advice is greatly appreciated.

DKal replied: You could try putting baby powder in the cracks between the boards. If that doesnt work, I think you should use a quick-set concrete to fill in, and level the concrete subfloor in the next room before installing the underlayment.

SexRockNroll replied: It squeaking because you got an unleveled floor base or the gap between the floor boards is too big so it produces too big of friction.

First of all, you have to get your concrete floor leveled by putting another thin layer of cement, or you can use additional timber structure usually only 2 cm high to have a leveled flooring base.

Lay the underlay on top of the newly leveled floor and thats it (need a nail gun to fix the laminate flooring to the timber structure)

Does the Harmonics flooring from Costco need underlayment pad? The laminate pieces already have about a 1.8 foam strip attached to the bottom side and I have bought moisture barrier plastic sheeting. Will it be necessary to get a high quality pad to avoid that hollow feeling of laminate floors?

pugpaws2 replied: You do not need any additional padding for this project. Im assuming that your floors are in good condition and fairly level. And the moisture barrier. Unless you are putting the laminate on a basement floor or some other situation where it is damp, you dont need it.

Sounds like you have never put down laminate before. Before you start be aware that you will have to decide how you will fit the flooring around the door casements. Best to cut the casements off about 1/4 above the existing floor. then the flooring will fit under the door frame. If you try to cut the flooring to fit around the door casement it will look very un-professional. Best tool to cut the door casements is a $20 angle grinder. What you will do is use the thin fiberglass disc with abrasive embedded in it. Placing the guard flat on the floor you can easily make a level cut.

The other big issue concerns where the laminate meets the baseboards. There are two solutions here.

1) Remove the baseboards and replace after the laminate is installed. Be sure that the laminate goes close enough to the wall so the baseboard will cover the edge!

2) install the flooring close to the baseboards, after the laminate is down install shoe molding to the bottom of the baseboards. This is much more costly. The molding is expensive.

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