Concrete Acid Stain Basement Floor

Concrete Acid Stain Basement Floor

Concrete Acid Stain Slab

It occurred to me that even though the slab is only the floor of the above ground basement, there might be some time when that room is used for a pool table, a party, craft workroom, etc. and I might enjoy having some sort of design or floor decoration. I suppose it was just too much of a big blank canvas just waiting on some embellishment.

The finished basement floor. I didn’t bother to rinse it since I imagine that there will be numerous pop-up afternoon showers before any blocks get stacked around it. If I seal it with a clear acrylic sealer, I wont do that until the house is roofed and the concrete has had plenty of time to cure. I don’t want any residual trapped moisture to cause bubbles in the seal finish.

Sept 5, 2007

The final footing (garage) finally got re-dug and inspected before another rain came and filled it with water again. Dan went to rent a sump pump and they guy told him that he’d sell him the thing for just about twice what the rental was, so he bought it for under $50. We will probably need it again since the above ground basement will be totally walled around and will collect rain until it is roofed. We pumped all the collected rain water out, messing about in the mud, digging little traps in the low spots for the pump to sit on a couple bricks.

The footing had to have the steel lifted out and all the mud that had run into it during rain removed. Dan had to get an engineer out here to do a soil compaction test (to suit the inspector). The big steel rebar was put back in place and it was re-inspected. The surveyors came back since the footing had gotten larger and a bit out of shape due to the rain and re-digging. We have to make sure of both height above the mean high tide line and the distance from our property line. Anyway — it finally got poured and that is good, so it can’t fill with water again. little tip here, since no one can predict the rain, don’t create a situation where you end up with your dug out spots filling with water that has no way to escape. On the coast, pop-up showers can happen at any time and often do every single summer afternoon for days in a row.

We have had a bit of a slowdown while we shopped for a crane, found one and waited while some minor repairs were made. Then came the matter of delivery and getting insurance on it. Seems it is a larger crane than Dan’s usual insurance carrier wants to insure. I have made lots of phone calls, my usual insurance company, Ben Castleberry in Foley has and so has the agent at Ebert Agency in Foley. We are waiting to hear back from several people at the moment.

Concrete Acid Stain Basement Floor

We looked all over the Internet and at the same time, Mike Rode got crane rental prices from several agencies. Buying one was the only thing that made sense. And, buying one that was close enough to go inspect and close enough that the delivery was reasonable was a big factor. We will want to sell this one at the end of this job, so all you potential DAC-ART clients out there reading this. remember to get in touch when you start crane or boom truck shopping. If you have a tall house, one can easily spend up to $75,000 on crane rental, so buying and selling at the end of the job is a huge, huge savings.

I sure do want to learn how to operate that crane. At least a little bit. We all talked about what to do if a hurricane really was headed this way. I told them that the little subdivision house across the street and down about a half mile came thru the last two big ones with only a couple missing shingles, so I would drive that crane over there on high ground and then put it to immediate use after the storm. I wouldn’t haul it out of here. Everyone has debris and trees that need moving after a storm so it would be in the right place at the right time if we did get a storm during construction.

Yesterday, Mike our block stacker was here with some of his men. They were measuring and marking the blocks with a big fat magic marker on top where it will not be seen. Dan was here too and today Dan called and said that the crane will be delivered on Friday about mid-day. The seller, Willard Suggs or Coastal Truck and Equipment is coming back down here mid-week to have eye surgery, then he will be back in Alexander City to have it shipped out. I plan to be here with my camera.

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