Cleaning Laminate Floors Swiftlock Flooring

Cleaning Laminate Floors Swiftlock Flooring

Cleaning laminate floors

One of the reasons swift lock flooring and other laminate floors are so popular is the low level of maintenance needed compared to hardwood floors. But you will have to clean the laminate floor regularly to keep it a shiny and spotless surface. We will give you some tips about cleaning laminate floors. Make it look brand new for years!

Clean the floor on a regular basis with a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush. You might want to do this every day, to remove dust, hairs and other daily filth of the floor. Be careful not to push any dirt between the grooves of the floor.

How to clean laminate floors?

Unfortunately, every once in a while, a floor needs more attention. When you’ve walked on it with outdoor shoes, maybe spilled some food or beverages and when your children have been playing in the house, after some time the floor will just not look the way you want it to look: shiny and clean. Don’t get scared, it is quite easy to make it look brand new once you know what to do.

Before you start, clean the floor like you do daily: with a brush or a vacuum cleaner. Give extra attention to the corners, where dust and (animal) hairs are likely to collect. Some people think cleaning the floor can be done with just hot water and dishwashing detergent. Or worse: with one of the many universal floor cleaners. However, these cleaning methods will leave streaks and sometimes even a soapy residue. To get the best result, we advise you to stick with proper laminate floor cleaners. These products are available at home improvement stores and even in large grocery stores.

Follow the directions on the package of the product for cleaning laminate floors. Most of the time, you’ll have to apply the cleaner onto the floor (pick a small section of the floor each time) and then run over it with a damp mop. Never use too much water. You could use a sponge mop, but a but a microfiber mop is even better. Be careful with metal edges of the mop, you don’t want to scratch the floor right when you are cleaning it! Some laminate floor cleaning brands even offer special microfiber mops, on which you spray the cleaner directly and run it over the floor without using water.

Cleaning Laminate Floors Swiftlock Flooring

Special care for stains on a laminate floor

When you have a small stain on the floor, it’s not always necessary to clean the whole laminate floor. There are some surprising ways to get rid of stains.

  • Dishwashing detergent: even though we said before dishwashing detergent doesn’t work well for cleaning your whole floor with, for small spots, like ink, it’s ideal.
  • Window cleaner: we know your floor is not a window, but please continue reading. Stains like blood or sticky lemonade is easy to clean off with just a little bit of window cleaner and a cloth. Even when you spill grease, it will do the trick. First lay a ice pack or something cold from the freezer to cool the grease down, gently scratch it off the floor and spray some window cleaner to remove the last stains.
  • Do the soles of your shoes leave stripes sometimes? You can quickly remove them with a pencil eraser. Cleaning laminate floors is so easy!
  • When you spill shoe polish or nail polish, simply use nail polish remover with acetone as a basis.
  • When liquid is spilled, clean it immediately. You don’t want the liquid to be absorbed by the floor – it will bend it.
  • Stick felt pads underneath all furniture. Not just chairs, all furniture. This will reduce the changes of scratching. And when you move things, lift them up.
  • Consider buying a area rug for busy spots. Often, these are not only the spots where the most people walk, but where the most liquids are spilled.

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