Cleaning Hair Off Your Bathroom Floor — Simply Good Tips

Cleaning Hair Off Your Bathroom Floor - Simply Good Tips

Cleaning Hair Off Your Bathroom Floor

Humans shed 100 or more strands of hair each day on average. A good number of these will end up on your bathroom floor. Long or short, these shedding strands can be a real pain to clean up, but it is also a job that everyone is forced to do on a regular basis. You cant just leave the hair down there, so you will need to remove them some how. For most of us, the quickest and easiest method will always be the preferred one. In the bathroom, it can get complicated, because you cant really use a vacuum, and most of us have brooms that dont really work for sweeping up hair. Add to that the complications that the bathroom itself brings to the table, and you have one of those jobs, that everyone dreads, and very few have a good method of completing. Wetness makes hair even more difficult to remove from floors, styling products can compound this issue, and even the flooring type can be a an annoyance when you are trying to clean up hair. Surfaces like linoleum can build static and cause the pieces of hair to cling, and tile floors can cause strands to get stuck in the grout lines. When you try to sweep them up the bristles will just pass over the top, but the hair will still remain.

Because we sepnd a lot of time in there, and because we do stuff like brush and style our quaff, all sorts of hairs will inevitably fall onto the bathroom floor. None of us want to pick it up by hand, but many of us will take this route because it is one of the more effective ways to remove it, especially for long hair. Really long strands will clog vacuum cleaners, laugh at brooms, and will stick like crazy to bathroom surfaces if there is any moisture involved. Because most of us like to get clean on a semi regular basis, there is always moisture in the bathroom. The hair is not going to stop falling out for another several years, so in the mean time you will want to find a good tool and method of cleaning in order to make the job easy, and allow you to spend as little time possible doing it.

Cleaning Hair

Long hair is more difficult to clean than short hair, especially on the bathroom floor. Surfaces like tile, marble, vinyl, linoleum and others are the types most often found in the bathroom, and this will limit your choices when it comes to clean up. Also, these rooms are pretty small in general, so that will also eliminate some of the possibilities. You may have a big expensive vacuum cleaner that powers through dog hair, and  long human hair on carpeting, but it is way easier to maneuver a tool like that through a large living room when compared to trying to clean the bathroom floor with it. Plus, many vacuum cleaners are not really designed for use on hard floors, so the performance may not be as good. For ones that do work on hard flooring, you may be able to quickly clean the middle of the floor, but what about all of those tight spots, and little nooks that we all have in out bathrooms? The hair still coats those places, so you will need another tool that will help you clean them unless you like picking up the long strands by hand.

For long or short hair, we would recommend the same two tools. It will come down to preference, hair type, flooring style, bathroom size, and frequency of cleaning to determine which option is best for you, or whether you might be better off with both tools. There are some pros and cons to using both, and it may be easier to clean certain surfaces or hair types with one or the other. One thing is for sure, both tools are probably more effective than the one you are using now. When you choose the best tools, and use tried and tested methods, you are sure to save time, reduce aggravation and make a job that used to be annoying, something that is no big deal.

When trying to clean long hair from the bathroom floor, a sticky roller can be highly effective. The large, reusable sticky roller that we carry is the perfect tool. It can be rinsed clean to use over and over again, it will remain super sticky for many years, and it is large enough to make the job easy. The long handle will allow you to clean the floor without getting too close, and the large roller will cover more surface area in a shorter amount of time. This tool is great for long hair because it is not affected by the length like a broom might be. Long or short hairs, stick just as well, and this tool will actually wind up long ones as it rolls over them, so they will get removed quickly and easily. It will not just pass over hairs, or smear them across the floor.  It will grab them, lift them up, and roll them away. Once you have collected all of the hair in a given area, just rinse the roller under the faucet to rinse it clean.

The roller makes for a very fast clean up, and it will remove all of the hair in a single pass. The downside to this tool is that for large areas, you may have to rinse before you can finish depending upon how dirty the floor was. For most people their bathroom is not big enough for this to matter, but it is something to consider. Also with this tool, you need to rinse it clean after you pick up the hair. This is nice because you can keep using it over and over again without buying replacements, but it also means that you could be rinsing hair down the drain if you are not careful. This can be easily avoided, but once again, it is something to consider. The upsides will far outweigh any deterrents for this product, and it will definitely make it easy to pick up hair off your bathroom floor. It is incredibly sticky, so long and short strands will lift up easily, and the roller will hold them securely until you dispose of them. It is one of the fastest ways to do the job, so anyone that cleans frequently, or is limited on time will love this tool. It can perform just as well in large areas as it can in tighter more compact areas, so you will be able to get next to, and behind the toilet, up on the ledge of the tub, under the sink, and everywhere else. Quickly roll this tool over any areas covered by hair, and they will be clean in seconds.

Long hair can be difficult to sweep, but any hair is easier to sweep when you use a rubber broom because it is the best broom for sweeping up hair. Of course, it will be easier to sweep short hair when compared to long, but this broom will make it possible, unlike other traditional versions. If you have tried to sweep hair in the past using a regular style broom then it was probably a difficult and frustrating experience. Nylon bristles will just float over strands of hair, or push them along slightly. If the hair is wet, then you have no chance, and if it is dry, then it will probably end up flying around. Either way, it is nearly impossible to pick it all up, or move it all into a pile. When you use a rubber broom to sweep hair, it acts much differently. Instead of floating over stuff, it will form a thick, solid wall. Nothing will be left behind as you sweep, no matter how thin of a strand, or how fine of a particle. Also, because it is made out of rubber, it will form a static charge as you sweep. This will work against the cling created between the hair and the floor, in order to collect hair and move it along as you sweep. It also has an effect of preventing dry hairs from flying around, so it will be easier and less frustrating to sweep them up. For long hairs, it might take a little extra work, or shorter, more deliberate strokes, but it will actually sweep them up, and the results will be far better than with a traditional broom. For short hair, it will be just like sweeping anything else, and the finest of hairs will be removed from your floor just like any other type of mess.

With the broom, you will never have to rinse it off in order to keep cleaning, so for larger areas it may be a better choice. You will have to collect everything into a dustpan or something similar in order to dispose of it, but this can be done at the end, no matter how big or small the room is. The compact but powerful head on this broom will allow you to sweep in almost any area of your bathroom, so it will be just as good at getting into the tight spots, but it is probably a little slower overall. Where the roller offers super quick removal, the broom requires you to use a sweeping motion in order to collect and move the hair. This will taker slightly longer, but may end up being far more effective. On flooring like tile that is uneven in places, the broom will be a better choice for most people. The flexible bristles will conform to the uneven surface, so any strands of hair hiding down ion the cracks will be swept up just like the ones lying out in the open. The roller does not have the same ability to get into the cracks, so you would end up rolling right over them. You could then go back and deliberately clean each crack, and it would work, but it would not be one easy step.

How to use these tools:

Rubber Broom

  • For best results always PULL the broom toward you
  • Use short, deliberate strokes. This will generate a static charge to collect hair and debris, but also keep it close to the broom head.
  • Start from the outer edges and corners, and work into the middle
  • Sweep off any high up surfaces first like tub ledges or counter tops
  • Work the hair into a pile using a sweeping motion where you are pulling the debris toward yourself
  • A regular sweeping motion works best. Go over all areas with the same method and the head will get into cracks as you pass over them.
  • Once collected into a pile, sweep the hair into a dust pan and dispose of it


You can wash or rinse the head clean at any time if it gets dirty, but it is not necessary. The handle is telescoping, so it will collapse to adjust for the users height or for storage.


 The soft head is gentle but highly effective. Use with confidence on any flooring type because it will never mark or ruin any surface.

Large Reusable Sticky Roller

  • Make sure the roller is clean, dry and uncovered before use
  • If not clean, it will not be sticky, so rinse and let dry to remove any debris or residue
  • To remove hair, simply roll over the area and the strands will cling to the roller
  • For this tool it is easier to work from the middle of the floor first and then move to the outer edges
  • You can use a back and forth motion, or you can stamp down directly to clean certain spots or get into cracks
  • Keep rolling until the area is clean, or the roller is coated
  • If the roller gets coated before you finish, simply rinse clean and keep going. The roller will shed most water immediately, but some may remain. It will still work, but will always be more sticky when thoroughly dried.
  • Once the job is done, rinse the roller and then store for later use.


This tool will need to be rinsed clean after you use it to make it ready for reuse. Occasionally, it may require a thorough cleaning to bring the sticky back . When fully coated, or covered with residue and fine particles, the roller can not be sticky. After it is cleaned well, it will be good as new. If you cover the roller for storage, it will stay cleaner, and it will be more effective right when you need it.


 This tool is also safe for any surface. It will not conform to uneven floors like the broom can, but with some added technique you can also pick up hair from cracks and crevices using this tool. For certain types of floor the roller may stick to the floor more than you like. This is usually due to a finish or type of cleaner that has been used. This interaction will not ruin the roller or your floor, it will just make it a little harder to roll on it. You will still be able to clean the hair, and examining the types of products you use on it may eliminate this issue.

Bottom Line

Either one of these tools will make it easy to clean up hair off your bathroom floor. They both offer a quick and easy method, and they both will provide excellent results. You floor will be cleaned quickly, and you will spend less time to get it that way. It doesnt matter if the hair is long or short, because these tools are effective on either type. You may like one tool over the other based upon your specific bathroom or style of cleaning, but either one would offer a great choice for this job. Stop struggling with ineffective portable vacuums because they dont work, and electricity and water dont really mix anyway. If you are using a regular broom to do this job right now, do yourself a favor and get a rubber one. It will pay for itself quickly in saved time and frustration.

These tools will work just as well for pet hair as they do for human hair, so they would also be ideal for after you give your dog or cat a bath. Quickly clean pet hair from the bathroom floor just like human hair. Even if you do not bathe your pet on a regular basis, all of them shed, so you know there will be dog or cat hair on the bathroom floor too. Start with the best tool, and you will never have a problem doing the job because it will be so easy. Follow the steps and suggestions above and you will not spend another minute searching for a better way to get those annoying hairs off your bathroom floor.

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