Best Options For Home Gym Flooring Workout Designs

Best Options For Home Gym Flooring Workout Designs

Best Options For Home Gym Flooring

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Many more people these days are beginning to exercise in their homes instead of regular gyms. The prices of gym memberships are making a lot of people question if they are getting their moneys worth.  People are starting to make their own gyms, from either converting their offices or basement into fitness areas.  Deciding on the different equipment is one thing, but also if you are going to include wall mirrors, extra lighting, and the type of flooring.  The flooring is probably the most important decision when starting your home gym.  This is because gym flooring will protect the existing flooring from being damaged.  As time goes by, weights and other workout equipment will be dropped and can scratch your floors.  Whether its hardwood floors, tiles, or cement they will be exposed to wear and tear if they aren’t protected properly.

There are many options you can choose from for deciding your home gym flooring.  But one that I think is the most durable is rubber flooring.  It can be recycled and come in tiles or in a roll.  There are so many options that you can choose from to fit your needs when setting up your gym.  And there are different kinds for different uses, like exercises that involve yoga or pilates.  You may even want exercise equipment mats, which are specifically designed for treadmill or exercise bikes.  So make a list of all the requirements you will need to exercise so you can determine the best flooring that’s right for you.

 Best Flooring For Home Gym

What ever your price range you can pretty much find any gym flooring that will last and will look good in you gym.  You can get some ideas from other gyms so you can know what you like and what you don’t like, either function wise or look wise.

 Rubber Gym Flooring

Recycled rubber is an excellent option not only because it’s durable but also helps the environment.  When compared to new rubber it is just not as durable as recycled.  Wear and tear will happen faster with newer rubber.  Recycled rubber is usually made from old car tires that would have been thrown in land mines, but instead are made in to gym flooring.  This will put less garbage in landfills and it also produces less energy to manufacture compared to new rubber.

Rubber rolls make the installation process so much easier than installing tiles.  With this product all you have to do it roll out the rubber and make sure it’s even.  When installing tiles you have to make sure there are no uneven spaces and everything is even.  So if you don’t want to hire someone to install your home gym flooring then this is a good option.  Anyone can install it with some simple cutting tools.

This is also an option for easy self-installation because these just work like a jigsaw puzzle.  Just fit these tiles into place with interlocking ridges.  That’s it.  They can also be removed easily, if you are moving.  You can choose from all types of colors, designs, and textures.  Each tile usually covers an area of two feet (22).  They make borders, corner, and middle tiles.  For each area of your gym, so the installation process is easier.

Regular tiles are an option if you don’t mind how long the installation process will take.  But will give you a better look over rolled rubber or interlocking tiles.  If looking like a professional gym is a priority to you, then these are the best option.  They are made form the same materials as interlocking tiles but can make your gym look ten times better, if that’s what you want.  To ensure a professional look you may want a specialist to install them.

Rubber mats are the alternative if looks aren’t a priority.  They are thicker than the other options but are less durable.  But these are the least expensive floor tiles.  If your budget is an issue or you have a large area to cover then these are your best bet.


Foam is a material that is light and is durable so that it will protect your floors.  It can also but easily cut so you can install the tiles around objects.  They come in all types of colors and also are easy to install.  They are waterproof which is good for spills or good for damp areas in your house.  Foam materials are also not expensive either.

Best Options For Home Gym Flooring Workout Designs


You can also try carpet tiles for your gym. This is a good idea if the room you want to use for your gym is usually cold and you want to warm the area as you do your workouts.  The only problem is that carpets may not protect your floors as much compared to rubber or foam.  Spills are also bad because liquid will seep right through them.

 Exercise Equipment Mats

To further ensure your floor doesn’t get damaged, you can put extra padding underneath your exercise equipment.  As you get more advanced with your fitness abilities you will get more advanced machines that will ruin your floor over the years, even with rubber flooring.  The most these mats should be used for are treadmills.  Running on treadmills will put the most pressure on the floor so it is a good idea to protect them.

Weight alone from these machines will damage your floors if extra mats aren’t in place.  Like exercise bikes or steppers.  They are usually made out of heavy metal that can do a lot of damage.

 Exercise Mats

Exercise mats are great if you want to take your exercise outside.  Usually used by people who do yoga or pilates.  But you can also bring some weights with you to do your workouts outside with exercise mats.  But you may also like the extra padding because when you do yoga you are on the floor, which may make it uncomfortable for you if you are doing them on a hard surface.

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