Best Basement Flooring Ideas

Best Basement Flooring Ideas

Best Basement Flooring Ideas

Searching for the best basement flooring ideas so as to convert your basements into a usable space? Here are the best options that you can consider to have the base of this space ready.

So you have a basement and planning to convert it into a usable space, right? Well, then adding the best flooring is one of the important task to make the space ready for use. While your basements might have concrete flooring, you might want to install a flooring that gives your basement a well-finished look. So, wondering what are the best flooring options? Find out the best basement flooring ideas that can be considered while adding new flooring to your basement in the following paragraphs.

Ideas to Consider

To start with, let me tell you that the world of flooring offers you a wide range of options. So choosing one of these basically depends upon your budget. Next factor that you must consider while choosing one is what the space will be used for. Like, are you converting it into a bedroom, guest room, playroom, entertainment area or relaxation space? Choice of flooring and flooring colors will vary according to the aforementioned factors.

Tiling the floors is a popular option that many choose. There is a huge variety in tiles suitable for basements, from which you can choose to install the one that matches your taste and fits in your budget. Ceramic tiles are most popular in this category. Variety in terms of colors, textures, designs and sizes is plenty in any type of tile that you choose to install.

If you are looking for cheap ideas, then carpeting or laminates are the best pick. You can install carpet over the existing floors and give your basements a well finished look. Loose carpets are amongst the cheapest alternatives that you can choose to have. Laminates also make a good alternative which are available in wide range of options and look great when installed to cover the entire flooring. Laminates impart your flooring a look that is much similar to hardwood flooring. This makes laminates even more popular as they closely resemble hardwood flooring.

Best Basement Flooring Ideas

Hardwood makes one of the best flooring option for your rooms, but let me tell you that the same must be avoided for the basements. As hardwood floors are expensive and get easily damaged due to moisture, best to look for a good alternative to these. Well, engineered flooring remains a smart choice in this case. It is much like the laminate flooring and also resembles natural hardwood. Engineered flooring undoubtedly remains one of the best ideas. You can install these using glue or tongue and groove method. Engineered flooring not only looks beautiful but also comes at cheaper rates. If you are looking for a greener alternative, checkout the bamboo flooring or cork flooring.

Apart from the aforementioned options, you can also opt for one of the concrete basement floor ideas. If you don’t want to install a completely new flooring, revamp the concrete floors using paint. Yes, painting concrete is a popular idea used by many home owners for finishing basements and converting them into a usable space. With the best paint colors specially formulated for such surfaces, you can have the flooring re-done at lowest cost.

So which one amongst the flooring ideas are you planning to go for? Options are plenty and you can choose the one that best fits in your budget. You can further decide to install the flooring yourself or opt hire a professional for the task. Make sure that you consider the advantages and disadvantages of all the available options before finalizing one. All the best!

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