Wood Flooring — Types

Wood Flooring - Types

Wood Flooring

Types of Wood Flooring

Types of wood flooring are more numerous these days than ever before because of the constant evolution of top quality highly durable composite products to go along with the timeless classic hardwoods that continue to sell well and look beautiful in homes all across the country. There are several major divisions or types of floors that buyers have to choose from; each of them shares some similar characteristics but also some differences that make them unique. Buyers today benefit because they have so many choices that there is really no way to go wrong with these things. We only need to examine the options that are out there and get some free wood flooring estimates from locally licensed installation contractors to see which ones might be the best fit for style and for prices.

Natural Hardwoods

Naturally sourced wood flooring is always going to be the gold standard against which all other floors are measured. It is amazing to witness in many cases floor products that were milled and installed many decades or even a century ago still going strong and looking great in the homes where they were laid. Oak, maple, and bamboo are just a few of many species that most manufacturers carry. Depending on the company you work with, there may be as many as a dozen or more species to choose from, and multiple combinations of colors and finishes to select from in each category. So, choosing hardwoods is by no means a limiting factor in terms of the looks and the finishes we could end up with. Different plank widths in this and the other types add to the visual variety as well.

Laminate Floors

Among types of wood flooring, laminates are in most cases the cheapest. This makes them great wood flooring sellers. They are on average constructed of thinner materials than the other types, which makes them somewhat easier to work with but also requires a bit more gentleness during the install to protect the tongue and groove and keep the pieces in the right condition to function properly. These types of wood flooring can be laid in basements and on crawls, which makes them even more popular. Inexpensive wood flooring like this opens up the possibility of floor remodels to a much wider group of homeowners.

Engineered and Reclaimed Woods

These types of wood flooring are not the same, but they are similar in some ways. The former utilizes manmade and naturally sourced materials plus a handsome veneer to produce a product that is as affordable as it is attractive and durable. And the latter actually repurposes wood discovered in locations such as old abandoned rural housing and combines it with mill scraps and composite elements to create a truly unique and ecologically responsible flooring material. Each of these types can be found in a host of colors and finishes, with more variety coming all the time as more manufacturers discover their great potential as low cost high quality alternatives to hardwoods.

Free Estimates on Wooden Floors

The many different types of wood flooring give us as homeowners all sorts of great options on the ways we could go designing our new floor installs. Most people who have had their floors redone would agree that with high quality products like these added in, the floor actually becomes the stylistic centerpiece of the room. Getting this work done can motivate us to bring in new paints, window coverings, and other assorted accessories to finish the look. Get free quotes on different types of wood flooring using our simple form and save.

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