ThermalDry Basement Carpet Tiles — Waterproof, Moldproof, Perfect!

ThermalDry Basement Carpet Tiles - Waterproof, Moldproof, Perfect!

Basement Carpet

Beautiful on both sides. ThermalDry carpet tiles have a waterproof plastic base that provides drainage space and a thermal break that keeps the carpeted surface warmer than the concrete floor. This is the most durable, moisture-proof carpet you can install in a basement, and it looks great, too.

Combining innovative design with high-quality materials, ThermalDry basement carpeting easily outperforms standard carpet in any basement

ThermalDry Carpet Benefits

  • Waterproof plastic base is impervious to moisture & mold damage.
  • Built-in. drainage plane protects carpet from moisture.
  • Thermal break keeps the carpet warmer than the concrete for improved comfort.
  • Snap-together design makes it easy to replace damaged carpeting.
  • Speedy installation directly over concrete floor; no pad or subfloor required.
  • Carpet tiles can easily be combined with other types of ThermalDry flooring.

Just about any homeowner who has had standard carpeting installed in a basement will tell you that its not a good idea. If a basement gets wet from ground weater seeping in or a plumbing leak, carpeting gets ruined and needs to be replaced. Even without water, moisture and water vapor permeate conrete floors and get aabsorbed into the carpet, making it damp feeling and musty smelling.

In a standard basement carpeting installation, the carpet goes down over a foam pad laid directly on the concrete floor, or on a pad installed over a wood subfloor. In either case, normal basement moisture causes serious problems. Damp wood subflooring will get moldy and eventually rot. The foam backer pad absorbs and holds water, creating ideal conditions for mold and mildew. In a short time your carpet is smelly and stained ruined before youve really had a chance to enjoy it.

ThermalDry carpet tiles set a new standard for basement carpeting

An attractive family of basement flooring. ThermalDry floor tiles are designed to snap together. In addition to carpeted tiles, simulated wood parquet and ceramic tile versions are available.

The product development team at Basement Systems threw out the rule book when they set out to develop basement carpeting. ThermalDry flooring is the result of their innovative work.

The family of ThermalDry flooring tiles includes carpeted tiles as well as tiles that simulate the look of wood parquet flooring and ceramic tiles.

ThermalDry carpeting doesnt roll out over the floor; its manufactured in square tiles that snap together. With ThermalDry carpet tiles, theres no foam pad to soak up water. Instead, theres a waterproof plastic base designed with a built-in drainage plane and thermal break. Water drains through ThermalDry carpet rather than soaking in, eliminating worries about mold, mildew and moisture damage.

Have you seen this on the underside of your carpet? Water vapor and moisture exist in a basement, and traditional carpeting doesn’t stand much chance. It gets damp and musty smelling, and is ruined if it gets wet.

In any basement finishing or basement remodeling project, the flooring you install will have a huge impact on the basements overall appearance and comfort. It makes sense to do it right the first time so that you dont have to do it over. ThermalDry carpet (as well as other ThermalDry flooring) will easily outlast standard floor carpeting, and look great doing it.

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