The Best Options for Gym Flooring

The Best Options for Gym Flooring

Best Options for Commercial Gym Flooring

Selecting the right flooring for a gym is different from choosing flooring for other commercial spaces. When installing or replacing flooring in a typical commercial space, owners generally place a great deal of importance on the aesthetic appeal of flooring material while other factors, such as comfort, durability, and performance, are viewed as secondary considerations. With gym flooring, those priorities are reversed and performance takes center stage. Ideally, gym flooring should offer a perfect blending of high quality performance and attractive appearance, giving members a responsive surface that enhances workouts while allowing owners to revitalize the look and feel of their space. The best options for commercial gym flooring include: Rubber Gym Flooring Rubber flooring remains the most popular option for commercial gyms, as it is a low-cost, high performing material that also ton. Rubber’s springy, resilient surface provides excellent support while cushioning impact, making it the ideal flooring for high-impact activities such as aerobics and floor excercises; its flexibility works well in rooms with heavy weight machines. As it is easy to clean, rubber gym flooring is a hygienic option for hot, humid areas. Rubber gym flooring is available in several forms:

  • Recycled Rubber Flooring – A “green” option usually made from old car tires, recycled rubber flooring is actually more durable than new rubber, and will show less wear and tear than virgin rubber.
  • Rubber Flooring Tiles – An popular solution for free weight areas, rubber flooring tiles are available in myriad colors, can be custom colored to order, and can be used to enhance the appearance of a gym.
  • Rubber Flooring Rolls – If area where you are laying flooring consists of smooth, even areas, rubber rolls provide a seamless flooring surface. Traditionally available in speckled form, rubber rolls are now available in more color options.

Hardwood Gym Flooring Hardwood flooring has been making an appearance in group exercise rooms in gyms, particularly in those used for yoga and Pilates. Maple and beech are the most popular hardwoods, as they add a lustrous, attractive appearance. As an added bonus, hardwood flooring can usually be installed in a single day, giving gym owners an incredibly fast way to give their facility a new, updated look and feel. Bamboo Gym Flooring Bamboo wood is another of our commercial gym flooring options that has grown increasingly popular in recent years. Bamboo stands completely regenerate within five years, offering a sustainable alternative to hardwood flooring. Bamboo actually shares many qualities with hardwoods, offering the same surface hardness as well as the ability to be sanded and refinished a number of times over its lifetime. While bamboo’s performance is similar to hardwoods, its characteristically “knuckled” appearance brings a uniquely Asian aesthetic to any area. Commercial Grade Carpet / Carpet Tiles With its low maintenance, inexpensive price, and durability, carpeting is still the gym floor option of choice in many facilities across the country. Carpet tiles are a popular form of carpeting these days, as they offer easy installation and are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures. If you are interested in updating your gym with one or more of these high-performance, low-maintenance flooring options, East Coast Flooring & Interiors is ready to help. As the leading South Florida flooring company. we have the experience to quickly and expertly perform your new commercial gym flooring installation so your gym experiences a minimum disruption of business. Visit us at our showroom, or contact us at East Coast Flooring & Interiors today at 954.321.5721 to discover more ways our best gym flooring options can enhance and improve your commercial gym facility!

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