Spa Bathroom Ideas

Spa Bathroom Ideas

Spa Bathroom Ideas

Ideas for designing spa bathrooms help create a stylish, gorgeous and relaxing spa-inspired bathroom with hidden plumbing .

You can use various spa-themed bathroom decoration tips for this purpose. Plus, colors, lighting and ambience play an important role in creating a perfect spa bathroom.

In case you are planning to remodel your bathroom then you can also consider buying a luxurious bath tub, shower, vanity and sink .

Those who are on a budget, however, can explore smart and inexpensive ideas for perfect spa bathrooms requiring changes in a few basic aspects of the room.

Ideas for Designing and Decoration Spa Bathroom

  • Opting for a pebble rock wall. dramatic backsplash. natural floor tiles (non slippery), marble, granite, or wood countertop. and natural wood vanities is a fantastic way to create a spa-like bath.

You can also consider beautiful and affordable bamboo flooring for the bathroom. It should have a slight tilt for the drain, though, because bamboo flooring is likely to get damaged due to standing water.

  • As for colors, consider using light blue. sage green. mocha. cream. marigold yellow. lavender. etc. It is suggested to go for warm and neutral colors. Avoid red and black. Monochromatic bathrooms also look crisp, clean, calming and elegant.
  • Installing steam showers and spa bath tubs with massage plates and multiple water jets is an excellent idea for enjoying a rejuvenating spa bath experience.
  • You can add a teak bath bench stool in the steam shower.
  • Creating a quiet, Zen atmosphere is one of the best ideas for having a nice spa bathroom. You can include Zen-ifying music and bathroom accessories like terra cotta vase (placed in front of a mirror), crystals or a pile of stones in glass jar, wall art featuring water bodies, water fountain, etc.
  • You can add small pots of fresh herbs or aromatic flowers in the room. Moreover, try to include frosted glass windows and skylight to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.
  • Spa experience cannot be complete unless you step out of the bathroom in an oversized terry towel. Thus, decorate your spa-inspired bathroom with luxurious spa towel or terry spa wrap. Moreover, include other spa products such as Apothecary jars filled with bath salts, bubble solutions, and so on.
  • Incorporating mood lighting is an exciting idea for turning your dull bathroom into a relaxing spa bathroom to help you recuperate after a long day at work. You can use bathroom spa lights and candles in ambient colors for this purpose.

    Heres a video giving tips on how to create a spa-style bathroom.

  • The colors and materials used in a spa bathroom should absorb the light and make it look subtle instead of bright.

    Plus, the lights should point upwards so that they reflect the ceiling first, thereby removing the jarring effect. Besides, you can place glow sticks or wands (wrapped in a zip pouch) in the bath tub and turn off other lights in the bathroom.

  • Spa bathrooms do well with basins and baths with rounded finishes and clean lines. Bathroom hardware can have stainless steel, chrome, nickel or brass finish. Bathroom fixtures should be visually appealing but characterized by minimalism in terms of form and design.
  • As ideas for cool spa-style bathrooms lay emphasis on creating a soothing and tranquil ambience, you need to minimize clutter in the room and keep it organized .

    Remove the items that you do not regularly use in the bathroom or store them in a closed vanity cabinet. In addition, make sure there is enough free space in the room.

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