Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Floors

If youre considering polished concrete floors in your garage, living room, commercial retail store or a factory warehouse, you are considering the most beautiful, durable floors in the world. This is coming from a company that can also stain concrete, install epoxy floors, etc. Were not trying to sell a polished concrete floor (They sell themselves) just because its the only service we offer!

If you would like to see how your floor would look with polished concrete, visualize your polished concrete with our polished concrete visualization tool.

Polished Concrete floors, whether for your home or place of business, are some of the most innovative and economical flooring options available. When you compare polished floors to tile, carpet, overlays or real stone, polished concrete is not only very affordable, its long lasting effects and durability make it the smart choice for home owners and business owners alike.

Polished Concrete Is Affordable

Would you like to have a polished floor in your home or place of business that requires very little maintenance? A floor that’s the envy of your neighbors! Have you been worried about the price? You dont have to be! Polished concrete floors are not only affordable, they have long term benefits that far outweigh any other type of flooring on the market today.

Polished Concrete Designs

Design is often overlooked when it comes to polished concrete. For instance, when polishing a floor, multiple colors can be used on the floor to make it really stand out. The biggest difference between stained concrete and polished concrete thats stained are the number of passes with our machines.

Polished Concrete floors in your home or even polished floors in your place of business can be more than a glossy looking floor, it can be a work of art. We offer a huge selection of patterns and colors for our polished floors and can even help pick a design thats unique to your surroundings.

Polished Concrete Doesnt Peel

Polished concrete isnt just a plain and affordable flooring option, it comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns that can enhance your polished concrete. Polished concrete can be stained, just like regular stained concrete. to match your existing decor. Theres never a need to worry about stained polished concrete chipping or flaking.

Polished Concrete Floors

Harmon Concrete has been in the concrete industry for almost 30 years. Our polished concrete floors come with a no hassle guarantee. We also offer follow up services to make sure your polished concrete floor maintains that perfect shine. Polished Concrete from Harmon Concrete is quickly becoming the industry standard.

Why Have Harmon Concrete Polish Your Concrete?

  • Weve been in business since 1987 and were here to stay.
  • Designing is included in every job.
  • Professional and courteous.
  • We have the most advanced equipment in the industry.
  • We service large and small jobs alike.
  • We have a price match guarantee.

For more information on our polished concrete flooring services, please feel free to contact us  at any time. For your added convenience, we have an online visualization tool for polished concrete floors and an online appointment scheduling system so you can have one of our owners call or come by on a day and time that works best for you.

We serve the following cities in Arkansas. Fayetteville, Arkansas. Springdale, Arkansas. Rogers, Arkansas, Bentonville, Arkansas, Bella Vista, Arkansas, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Fort Smith Arkansas, Siloam Springs, Arkansas, (In Missouri ) Neosho, Missouri. Joplin, Missouri. Springfield. Missouri, Branson, Missouri, Kansas City. Missouri, (In Oklahoma ) Muldrow, Oklahoma. Tulsa, Oklahoma. As long as your concrete project is in Arkansas, Oklahoma or Missouri, we would be honored to work with you.

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