Mosaic Glass Tile Bathroom Flooring Information

Mosaic Glass Tile Bathroom Flooring Information

Mosaic Glass Flooring In a Bathroom

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Glass tile bathroom flooring is a popular architectural choice because the material is hard, durable, impermeable to moisture, and relatively simple to keep clean. However it is important that you select the appropriate type of glass mosaics for your installation, in order to ensure that it is able to withstand the challenges posed by this space.

Slipping On a Glass Bathroom Floor

One of the major problems with glass flooring is that it can be very slippery, especially when it gets wet. This can be a huge hazard in the bathroom as you will be walking in and out of there every day, often with wet dripping feet. Luckily there are a few things that can be done to offset this danger.

Today, modern manufacturing processes allow glass tiles to be treated with a special glaze which washes over the surface, giving it a slight inherent traction. This can be increased as necessary in order to make the glass surface safe for the wet bathroom environment it is being used in.

Another option, often used in conjunction with traction glazing, is to employ smaller tiles in this space. Tinier pieces of glass will require more grout lines in between the individual components. These grout lines can then act as a sort of tread for the surface, giving grip to feet as they walk across it.

More About Bathroom Flooring

Hardness Considerations

Glass tile is very hard. This makes it durable and resistant to cracking. It also makes it painful for anyone who falls on it. In addition, standing on a glass bathroom floor for long periods of time may not be as comfortable as standing on a more yielding material.

This can be offset to some extent through the use of rugs, which will also warm the material in the winter. At the same time, the hardness, and the chance of slipping, means that this may not be an appropriate choice for a bathroom which is frequented by the elderly or small children.

Mosaic Glass Bathroom Floor Tile Prices

High End: $15 — $35 per square foot

Low End: $7 — $10 per square foot

When compared with other hard surface bathroom flooring options such as ceramic, glass tile proves to be both more expensive, and less durable over the long term. While the tiles themselves are quite hard, they can on occasion crack when struck sharply with a solid object. The tiles will also tend to scratch over time, which will cause them to slowly wear and fade.

Bathroom Flooring Style And Design

Mosaic Glass Tile Bathroom Flooring Information

This is where glass wins out. Available in hundreds of colors and sizes, mixed and matched across thousands of possible patterns, mosaic glass flooring gives you unique design options that cannot be achieved with any other material. In some cases you can even design your own custom pattern mosaic glass tiles online, and have them shipped to you for installation.

While the price of mosaic glass bathroom flooring may be high, the material itself lives up to its expectations. The translucent beauty of its surface serves to send illumination dancing off of its face. This gives a room a sense of depth and grandeur which can light up gloomy, small, or crowded areas with lavish luxury.

Often mosaic glass flooring will be paired with backsplash installations, allowing you to achieve an integrated look across all of the surfaces in the bathroom.

Maintenance Of Glass Bathroom Flooring Tiles

Water is not an issue with glass tiles. A glass glaze is the material used to make ceramics impervious to moisture, and tiles made entirely of this glass are completely immune to any water damage concerns.

The one place where water can be an issue is with the grout lines between the tiles These will need to be sealed, and then cleaned and resealed periodically if you want to keep the installation protected from moisture and free of decaying mold and mildew.

Daily maintenance of mosaic glass bathroom floor tiles is relatively simple. You just want to do your best to keep the floor free of any dirt and loose debris by wiping it down regularly with a warm damp cloth or sponge. This will help to prevent tiny scratches forming in its surface.

A water and vinegar solution can be used to regularly disinfect the glass and kill any bacteria lurking in the surface of the grout. Alternatively, an ammonia water solution can be used for extensive cleaning. However ammonia should only be used in a well ventilated area, with the windows open and appropriate precautions taken.

Replacement Of Broken Glass Bathroom Floor Tiles

When a tile breaks it can be replaced with a similarly sized and colored piece. With mosaics, you can usually just choose something similar. With solid colored floors you may have to look a little harder to find the perfect hue match. If possible, extra tiles should be held onto after an installation. This can be an expensive precaution, but one which can pay off by saving your floor later on down the road.

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