Ideas For Bathroom Floor Plans

Ideas For Bathroom Floor Plans

Ideas For Bathroom Floor Plans

by admin on October 16, 2012

Bathroom Floor Plans Ideas and Planning -Bathrooms are often the smallest room in the house which means they have to be very carefully planned to make them work.

If you are planning a completely new bathroom with new service inlets you must let your water supplier know first before making any modifications.

When designing visualize where the bath, shower and wash basin will work. Decide which particular style will blend in well with the existing architectural features.

Acrylic or enameled tin baths can be fitted neatly against the bathroom walls. Sinks offer a unique opportunity to customize the space. They come in every size and shape imaginable from space age bowls to chunky glass and porcelain basins.

Interior design and other ideas

Its worth considering a louvered window or anchored venetian blind for ventilation and privacy.

You could add a vanitory display with accessory trays, manicure shaving and shelves to provide wall storage.

Other things to consider are space and compartments for indoor clothes, slippers, shoes, bath linen, scales, a bin and a medicine cabinet.

Spa Ideas

Are you looking for a bathroom that will allow you to feel like you’re being pampered in a spa?

There are many additions to your bathroom project that just scream luxury, comfort and beauty.

One of the most popular additions to a luxury bathroom is a steam room. There are several options to add steam room in your bathroom based on the space and budget, and no matter what – they’re sure to look great in your bathroom.

First if youre looking for luxury, Why not put in a custom steam shower or freestanding unit with a nice, dark hard wood material for all the trimmings and a glass door? These are nice touches that can really make your new steam room stand out, and it will allow the steam room to become a very popular relaxation spot in your home, without having to step foot out the door.

Second if youre in the budget, try to combine tub and shower together with steam unit, by this your shower room will have double functions. Or if youre just renovating your old bathroom you can add a steam generator to your current shower stall.

A tub vs. whirlpool

Looking to add Far Eastern influences and high style to your bathroom renovations? Then you need to take a look at a soaking tub, which gives you the opportunity to relax in both luxury and comfort, sinking in to chin-deep waters, while still spending less money than you would have, using a whirlpool tub.

The soaking tubs in some cases are actually very vertically and deep inside for ultimate soaking, but in the case of soaking tubs in the United States, shallower and wider seem to be the growing trend for bathroom renovations.

A soaking tub will bring visual interest and appeal to your bathroom, but be prepared to somewhat invest in one of these tubs, as they have the potential to be expensive, costing in the thousands range.

Getting this soaking tub material in an interesting color is one great option to help it to stand out in your bathroom, and it adds an artistic flair! Try even adding a border tile or unique fixtures and taps to complement your new soaking tub.

Get the ideas and work on the details

If you take a look at the bathrooms of today, you’ll see a variety of beautiful, relaxed and utterly luxurious features that project the style and flair of modern homeowners. But don’t think that these bathrooms are only for show – they have functionality too!

Your bathroom works hard to get what you need done, and there needs to be safety features, storage and a level of durability involved. So how do you go about planning out your new bathroom?

Let’s think about some things that you need to consider in your bathroom plans. What kind of bathroom fixtures does your bathroom need? Who will be using this bathroom – and does this impact the plans?

Ideas For Bathroom Floor Plans

What storage space needs to be allotted for everything you’re planning to store? What’s your budget?

That last question about the budget is one of the most important aspects. Making a plan will help you to make your ideas a reality, without busting your budget. If there’s anything in your bathroom that you can save and re-use, use it.

Now that you’ve got your budget down, make a wish list of things you’d love to have in your new bathroom. By looking through home-improvement catalogs and magazines, and look at renovation websites, you can get a sense of what’s available on the market – and what’s in your budget.

Short on space?

Then you need to find creative and fun ways to save and share the space you’ve got!

Try utilizing the corner space that you have! By putting a vanity or cabinet in a corner, you’re maximizing your space, while adding a unique touch.

Be careful that the corner fixtures are still accessible in your bathroom design.

What about sharing a bath as a fixture in your bathroom? Instead of having many bathrooms that you don’t have room for – try compartmenting your bathroom fixtures, so you can get the most out of the space.

Try putting in a water closet for your toilet, a freestanding fixture shower, a tub in an alcove or corner like we mentioned above – and even a contained sink.

These fixtures actually act together as islands of privacy, and better the morning traffic flow in the bathroom.

6 Bathroom Floor Plans Ideas

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