Happy Clean Living Cleaning — Mopping the Floor 101

Happy Clean Living Cleaning - Mopping the Floor 101

Friday, May 22, 2009

Cleaning — Mopping the Floor 101

It has been a while since I had a cleaning blog. Today I’d like to talk about mopping a floor. I know you are thinking this is silly because mopping the floor seems so straight forward. However, from a look at your cleaning isle in a local supermarket — it seems that there is confusion and bad information for the local consumer.

It is getting crazy impossible to find a good mop at a store. For instance, at Walmart you don’t find the good type of mop in the cleaning section — you find it in hardware. Yup, that is right in hardware. You need a great cotton deck mop to keep your floors clean.

You can find good mops at Lowels and Home Depot too. The mop I get is from Walmart — the deck mop. It has a great cushion grip on the handle of the mop. Of course I didn’t get a picture of it. When selecting a mop — find a 100% cotton mop — very important.

First note — Of course you have to sweep the floor before you mop. If my customer has an animal or lots of girls or long hair, I sweep the floor with a broom and then » Swiffer » to get all of the hair off of the floor. I hate hair in my mop. -) (I always sweep with a broom before I Swiffer — because the Swiffer is ineffective when debree gets on the cloth)

It is best to soak a NEW mop for about 1 hour before you are ready to mop. Squeeze all the water out of the mop and dispose of the soaking water. Then get clean water to start mopping.

Also a little tip with a new mop — it is pretty thick and tough to wring out. Divide the mop into 2 sections and wring out each section individually.

I put Yellow — lemon — MR. Clean in my bucket. I do not like pine sol and the lingering smell. I like yellow Mr. Clean for the fresh cleaning smell and clean it provides me. For me, it’s about the smell. I do not use vinegar. I am not a vinegar smelling house cleaner — but you can do it if you want on your hardwood floors.

On hardwood floors, I only use about a cap of Mr. Clean — not too much. Every once in a while I use Murphy’s Oil soap floor cleaner — to put moisture back into the floor. On tile, laminate, linoleum, rock, cement — all floors I use Mr. Clean.

Wet the floor with a soaked mop. Tip, use less water on hardwood floors as the wood soaks it up and it is harder to dry.

Mop away. Harder on really soiled spots. A cotton mop is very safe for your floor. no scratching. Food and spills lift up with the wet floor/mop.

A super great thing about a cotton mop — it cleans the corners really well.

Happy Clean Living Cleaning - Mopping the Floor 101

Close and tight against the wall. Sponge mops just push the dirt into corners and edges of the wall — they are a BAD thing. Continue wetting the floor and mopping until the floor has been mopped.

Now the most IMPORTANT step in the whole process of mopping a floor. It is the WIPING up and drying of the floor. The key to mopping the floor is really not in the mopping at all — it’s in the DRYING and getting ALL of the water off the floor.

You have to squeeze ALL of the water out of the mop — and squeeze some more. Then you start mopping up the water — all of the water. It make take 3 to 5 times of going over the floor /squeezing out the water, going over the floor, squeezing out the water — until ALL of the water is off of the floor.

I pull the mop back towards me, back and forth. This way.

And that way. Backing up. Backing up.

Until every last piece of the floor is dry.

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