Flooring and Carpeting laminate flooringc tile, wood laminates, upstairs bathroom

Flooring and Carpeting laminate flooringc tile, wood laminates, upstairs bathroom

Flooring and Carpeting /laminate flooring vs.ceramic tile


Expert: John Michaels — 7/23/2009


we are looking at wood laminates and are considering Konecto or Alloc Original elegant walnut laminate. do you recommend either of these.

The installer for ceramic tile uses plywood with thinset. They say they have no problems and do this on all their jobs.Will this be a problem for an upstairs bathroom?

Hi Kathy;First I am not a fan of Konecto and would not suggest using that product unless it was going to be installed by a professional installer. Next, all floor covering manufacturers and floor covering sundry (cleaning agents, adhesives, underlayments, etc.) manufacturers are in the throes of making ‘green’ products, friendly to our environment. They are, in some cases, vastly different than those made just 1 or 2 years, ago. An example would be water based adhesives instead of solvent based adhesives. They are not only different in their make-up, but they are different in the way they have to be installed. Installers who are doing the same thing ‘all the time’ as they have done with the older products, should not be allowed in your home. You need to become knowledgeable about the floor covering you wish to use. BEFORE you purchase anything, obtain the free installation specifications from the exact manufacturers whose product(s) you are considering using and read them thoroughly. They vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so again, get them from the exact manufacturers of the products you plan to use. Those specs. will detail a lot of important information including acceptable underlayments, proper adhesives, how the flooring MUST be handled and installed before, during, and after installation, temperature and humidity factors that MUST be present before, during, and forever after the flooring is delivered and installed, etc. Also, BEFORE you purchase, obtain the free maintenance manuals published by those exact manufacturers. They will also detail a lot of important information including proper cleaning agents and techniques. Most laminate flooring cannot be cleaned with water, so installing it in an area that is high prone to moisture spillage (kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, dining rooms), would not be a prudent thing to do. You can obtain those specifications and manuals from either the proposed dealer from which you plan to purchase, or simply ‘Google’ the manufacturers’ names in the search area, visit the website, and download those free publications. The methods of installation and maintenance in those publications should be followed exactly, to keep any warranties that come with the products, in place. Variations of installation and maintenance may void those warranties. If you have questions about products, those websites have contact information, which is usually 800#’s. Call them and speak to their technical services departments to ask any questions you may have. Those websites will also give information what dealers handle those products in your area. Please do NOT shop for any floor covering at one of those large home supply stores or over the internet. To protect your investment, shop at a local, reputable, floor covering dealer who can show you proper product and supply qualified installation. By knowing how the flooring is to be installed, you can watch the installer to make certain your flooring is being installed correctly. Let the chosen dealer know you have the installation specifications, so you can be somewhat sure that dealer’s best installer will do your job. When the installer first arrives, go over those specifications with he or she so any differences can be discussed before the installation even starts, and if you don’t feel comfortable with what the installer indicates, contact that exact manufacturer and discuss it with the technical services people, and, if needed, let the installer talk to them. You are making an investment. Protect it. Does that all sound involved, certainly! You are planning to purchase a floor covering, which is a very involved product because it has to be installed correctly, it has to be maintained correctly, and you walk on it. If you have any other questions, or have difficulty in finding the installation specs. and maintenance manuals, please feel free to get back to me.

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