Antique Floor Tiles, French Floor Tiles, Handmade French Tiles, Ceramic Encaustic Tiles, Ceramic

Antique Floor Tiles, French Floor Tiles, Handmade French Tiles, Ceramic Encaustic Tiles, Ceramic

The Antique Floor Company are vendors of beautifully restored antique ceramic floor tiles and carreaux de ciments floor tiles.

As specialists in the reclamation and restoration of antique floor tiles, particularly French ceramic encaustic floor tiles and French Carreaux de Ciment tiles, The Antique Floor Company offers restored, original, complete antique floors suitable both for indoor and outdoor use.

Originally created using deep clay slips, ceramic encaustic tiles are exquisitely beautiful in their design but their design is not at the expense of their quality; after 100 years or so of use ceramic encaustic floor tiles still retain their amazing depth of colour and quality of original production.

Period ceramic tile floors are not easy to find, especially French floor tiles produced by some of the finest ceramic houses of the early 20th century like Boch Freres, Paray-le-Monial, Villeroy Boch and Sand Cie and restoration is a slow and labour intensive process but our restored antique floor tiles now grace homes from Moscow to Melbourne, Singapore to Seattle and we can provide testimonials from many happy customers who have purchased both antique ceramic floor tiles and antique carreaux de ciments floor tiles from us and who have often returned to purchase again.

If you are looking for authentic period ceramic tiles, rich in detail, unique in design and with a warm patina, we have an extensive range of antique floors of different sizes and of course in styles to suit all tastes. In addition to ceramic encaustic floor tiles we also offer a range of restored French and Belgian carreaux de ciments floor tiles, suitable for indoor use only, and these can be found in our categories section.

Many of our French and Belgian floor tiles for sale are Art Nouveau ceramic encaustic floor tiles; richly ornate from a period of great elegance in design and complete with their original border tile layouts. These antique floors have been carefully lifted over several days from their original bourgeois homes across Western Europe, transported to our workshop and having been fully restored will continue to give beauty and pleasure for another century to come. Produced before mass production methods became the norm some of our ceramic encaustic tiles were originally handmade; created in individual brass moulds one at a time by a single factory employee and we pride ourselves on taking the same painstaking approach when it comes to restoring our antique floor tiles to ensure they arrive with you ready to re-lay and displaying the beauty of their original fired colours. Our high-resolution photographs against each ceramic encaustic floor show the stunning results and provide for you a representative sample of the floor for sale in detail.

Antique Floor Tiles, French Floor Tiles, Handmade French Tiles, Ceramic Encaustic Tiles, Ceramic

Our antique floors vary in size from a few sq metres for a bathroom, small entrance hallway or a carpet style feature in a larger room surrounded by antique parquet to antique ceramic floors 35m2/375 sq ft and above and the majority of our antique floor tiles still have their complete ornate border arrangements intact.

If you are looking for period antique French tiles that have been professionally restored and which will arrive as stunning ceramic floor tiles or carreaux de ciments floor tiles ready to be laid, please take a look around our website for inspiration.

We will be happy to discuss any aspect of our antique floor tiles with you and answer any of your questions regarding suitability for a specific room or layout configuration.

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